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One of the most fascinating things about Jim Shooter's writing is how, if you read a large chunk of it, you start seeing the message that the human race is really kind of crap. It's an undercurrent that runs through his body of work. All his characters, from the most noble superheroes on down, will display these startling moments of petty or pathetic behavior. They might be noble and good as much as 95% of the time, depending on what character you look at, but in that other 5% they become these nasty little weasels.

This shouldn't be confused with grim 'n' gritty or shades of grey, though it overlaps with those trends (see: Hank Pym's breakdown). Generally, it's less about moral compromise and more about behavior that's just incredibly small or petty.

Shooter was recently hired to re-revamp the old superhero property Dr. Solar: Man of the Atom. "Re-revamp" because this is the second time he's done it; the first was during his days as editor-in-chief of Acclaim Comics, where he re-imagined the character for the modern day. Now he's done it a second time, this time for Dark Horse and the 21st century. Issue #1 came out two months ago, and as you can see, the aforementioned tendency in his writing is still in full force.

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