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"I'm okay with a Doctor Strange who can do kind of whatever I need him to in a story. I just need him to have a good reason for doing it and I need there to be consequences for what he does, but I don't need to catalog his powers and spells down to the last detail." - Mark Waid

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Westfield: What about the character of Stephen Strange appeals to you?

Mark Waid: That he’s a thinker. A learner. A man who's dedicated his life to personal betterment, only to have had to start again at the bottom more than once and rebuild himself.

-- Westfield comics blog interview.

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Here's the thing: Look, we always say "magic has a price" and we're always looking for a way to limit Doctor Strange's powers and so forth and so on. But I gotta tell ya, that doesn't always fly with me. What makes him limited is not interesting to me. It's what he does with his powers that makes him interesting to me. I understand putting some limitations on him, but I don't think comics are about characters who have to follow rules. They're about flying, right? They're about doing impossible things. I think the more rules and regulations we put on our characters... That's just my own personal opinion, but it doesn't wash for me. -- Mark Waid

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Waid finds that “perpetual student” aspect to be one of Strange’s most compelling traits. “There’s not a day in his adult life that he hasn’t spent studying, be it medical texts or magical scrolls,” Waid remarked. -- CBR interview

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They'd gone to save one of their own, the Billy Kaplan of that time, from the mark he'd taken.

They and he met its bestower- Doctor Doom, Valeria Richards.

They all lay under her power, all of them except Isaac Newton's Mindful One.

That one's master haltingly told him what to do.

He obeyed, breaking off a piece of himself.

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When Nick [Spencer] and I began talking about this story, we both gravitated towards those really fun "corner events" like Annihilation. A story that focuses on one specific corner of the Marvel Universe, but still has vast consequences and very high stakes. In that way, Nick and Rod and I have set out to make this a kind of Magic Annihilation. -- Donny Cates

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The effects of channeling his Mark of Sorrow to help defeat the Author of the Word of God were telling on him.

Doctor Strange and most of the other Sorcerers Supreme from across time that he'd fought alongside were by his side.

Isaac Newton advised finding the person with whom Billy'd dealt to get the mark.

Strange asked Billy who that was.

Billy flashed back, flashed forward, to the circumstances of the deal.

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Doctor Strange and the others Merlin'd recruited from across time to fight the power of that book (plus Howard the Duck, who'd been pulled in while helping the Sorcerers and the Avengers out in Central Park) escaped it.

On the back of origami folded from a page, they flew to meet the book's Author and the others of their number- Yao (the young Ancient One) in the grip of the Author's hand, and Isaac Newton in the grip of the Author's power.

The Author saw them.

" Foolish Earth-meats. Your little dragon amuses, but you have no real power here. "

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Doctor Strange 386 came out today.

In my post on the Sentry/Loki story, I announced in jest that

"The next story line Doctor Strange: The Man with No Friends Whatsoever starts this week."

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He came to Isaac Newton, who'd been using that power.

He came to those who'd been fighting Newton- Doctor Strange, some other Sorcerers Supreme from across time, and the Avengers.

The Sorcerers Supreme whom he met weren't all of the ones Merlin'd gathered against the previous user(s) of the Author's work.

Two of them, the Conjuror and Yao (the young Ancient One), were at Night Nurse's.

They and she'd been stunned by a lesser manifestation- a servant of the Author's, in the body of the Conjuror's brother (who'd been one of the few parts of the Word-using gestalt Newton'd taken the power from that'd survived).

' Take me to my master, or be destroyed! ' roared the servant. )
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His enemy, the Forgotten, was preparing to devour the other Sorcerers Supreme Merlin'd gathered against them.

Newton raised his voice to the Forgotten, spoke the word that they and now he knew.

The Forgotten was blasted into their component magicians, defeated and mostly dead.

Newton went for one of them.

" Newton! " Doctor Strange yelled after him.

" You knew of the Forgotten's magic? "

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It had a definite ending.

It opened on the way to that ending.

It opened on an ending.

It opened on a beginning. )
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I loved Jae Lee and Paul Jenkins' Sentry miniseries. Jeff Parker's Age of the Sentry is a piece of joy. Bendis was able to get some really good stuff involving the Sentry in his Avengers run (notably in the Wedding special, and Bob and Norman's heart to heart before getting Five Guys). That said, there has been some rot. The Jenkins/Romita Jr sequel is confusing rubbish and Bendis's use of Sentry in Siege is pretty dreadful.
However, once I saw that he was appearing in Doctor Strange (382-385) I was all up ons.

This story is written by Donny Cates with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta, who drew Tom King's Vision

The general story is that Strange has lost Sorcerer Supreme-ship to Loki. He is miffed and vows to get his title, his cloak and his house back. He challenges Loki, and in the contest, Loki accidentally kill's Strange's dog (Bats). At this point, Strange decides he needs more firepower, and calls on an old friend. Up a mountain.
Stephen Strange is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain? )
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A repost about Stephen Strange and Morganna Blessing and Clea.

"Morgana Blessing was the sort of woman that Doc would have had a relationship with, in his previous career as a high-priced surgeon. She was the Earthly love, in contrast with the ethereal, extradimensional Clea. All the regular readers loved Clea, of course, but the relationship she and Doc had was not exactly an enlightened one. If Clea had just been Doc's lover that would have been okay, but she'd also become his student, his disciple. It was a case of 'I love you, Clea.' 'And I love you, Master.' And not in a sweet, innocent, I Dream of Jeanie way, either. Not a healthy relationship, not healthy at all." - Roger Stern

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