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“The perplexing thing is Kingdom Come was supposed to be a cautionary fable. It was supposed to be like, “This is what happens when you go down a very dark road. It ends up very badly.” It seems like a lot of people only took the first part of that message, which is, “Oh, look at the cool stuff in Kingdom Come.” No! No, no! Lois Lane is not supposed to die. Superman and Wonder Woman are not supposed to be a couple.

It’s kind of fascinating to me to see some of the wrong lessons learned, but some of the right lessons, too. I love the fact that Kingdom Come managed to elevate Wonder Woman to the “Trinity” level. It wasn’t just Superman and Batman anymore. I’m proud of what we accomplished, but every once in a while I think, “Oh, you learned the wrong lesson there.”

- Mark Waid

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This is an Elseworlds storyline that combines Batman with the films Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It's a sequel to a comic called 'Superman: Metropolis' which combined Superman with (not surprisingly) Metropolis; I'm a fan of Bats, Nosferatu and Caligari, less so Supes and Metropolis so I'm just going to share this one.

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"What we have, as the story progresses, is a world where this super-communism has been embraced by most of the planet and capitalism has completely fragmented. Again, a reversal of what happened in the real world. The moral implications of one man or one country policing the entire world then becomes the big question. Like Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft, Superman finds himself wondering if total control is the best thing for the safety of the people he really wants to protect."

- Mark Millar

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"Like all superheroes, he wants to make the world a better place, but he's unlike any other character in the comicbook medium. He's a God, a christ-like figure of super-intelligence and super-compassion. Superman would happily die to save the world or die saving a cat from a tree. He's the most selfless fictional character ever created and has an intrinsic decency that makes him fascinating to write. He just wants to do the right thing because he's an alien raised with perfect values and this applies as much to my soviet version as the real one."

- Mark Millar

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"To take Truth, Justice and the American Way and turn this on its head was fascinating. The trick, of course, was avoiding the cliches of Superman being raised as a Stalinesque tyrant or an overtly evil character. What I decided upon very early in this project was to have an idealistic young farm-boy being raised in the Ukraine and believing, with all his heart, in the goodness of communism. Just as our own Superman isn't tarnished by the Americans dropping bombs in Vietnam or Iraq, this Soviet Superman isn't responsible for the Gulags or the mass-killings. This Superman represents The Dream as much as the traditional Superman does, but watching him reluctantly take control of the USSR when the people beg him to and make communism an international success is quite fascinating."

- Mark Millar

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