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In lieu of the Cap and Diamondback date night, which I can't find right now, I thought I'd post something a lot rarer, another piece from "The Hero Alliance, the Innovation title from the early 90's.

This 13 page story was an amusing little vignette starring the three most prominent, in every sense of the word, female members of the team.

If you're going to do a story featuring three attractive women, there are few better choices for cover artist than George Perez!

Running from top to bottom, these three ladies are Renata Dubois, aka Gossamer, a recovering junkie, who recently discovered that her drug use had not only led to her child being taken into care, but screwed up the development of her natural powers of phasing and flight. She's now working with the Alliance partly because civic service like that will help her in her trying to get her son back (as a balance to her criminal record), but also because she wants to try and make up for the mess she made of her own and other peoples lives). The blonde is Tawny Winters (No codename, as a newscaster and part time, unmasked superhero she's too well known for that to work) an empathic metamorph who finds herself subtly altering her appearance to become everyone's fantasy woman, she's also discovering she has some healing powers too. The brunette is Kris Dunlop, the Golden Guard, second-generation hero with superstrength and flight.

The ladies have a night out planned and find all sorts of things can happen...

As I was going to St Ives... )

creator: george broderick jr
creator: matt thompson
creator george perez
title: hero alliance
publisher: innovation
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For those who though that blake_reitz's post about Speeding Bullet was a little downbeat, here's something that may well have you weeping into your beverage of choice. (1 page from each of two issues and under 7 pages from one 25 page story)

Innovation's "Hero Alliance" is a long forgotten comic title from the late 80's and early 90's. It's not bad of it's sort, an independent take on a JLA/Titans, generic superhero team, but one trying to adapt to a new age. The art was variable, but had some nice turns by a young Ron Lim.

In the past it's two stalwart members were the superhumanly powerful Victor, and the energy wielding Golden Guardsman...But as with many teams which stand the test of time, there was something of a turnover....

Sadly for the teams royalty cheques, the "let's cash in on it" era didn't last long as shortly after Victor quit, the entire remaining team was wiped out in a massive explosion staged by a long-standing villain. (A shame as there's a part of me would like to have watched Mel Gibson, Sondra Locke and Sting prancing around in Spandex)

The series also featured a significant quantity of 80's fashions, VERY 80's fashions, MASSIVE hair, and VERY scantily clad heroines, I kid you not... But that's not what we're here for at the moment (Sorry about that straight guys and lesbians). Suffice it to say that we eventually discovered that one of them wore a tight costume and push up bra because, thanks to some unfortunate crosswiring, her powers required her to be... ummm...oh dear, how does one phrase this.... atleast slightly aroused... which may be one of the more creative reasons for showing your nipples through your costume I've come across)

This is from issue 2 of the series, where Victor, along with a couple of other heroes, are considering whether to form a new Hero Alliance. But it's not them we're interested in...

This fellow is... )


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