The Hollow

Feb. 5th, 2016 08:45 pm
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This is from DC's "House of Mystery" #1. It's pretty effective in my opinion.

A heavy warning for gore and general grotesqueries.

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The final issue of House of Mystery reveals the final fate of the House of Mystery. More accurately, it reveals three possible final fates, leaving it up to the reader to decide which one really happened.

Baron Qui and his companion Miss Song tell the tale (behind one version of events)...

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Matthew Sturges explains the deal behind the latest issue of House of Mystery (#25):

'In the 1920’s, a group of French surrealists, drunk on good wine and Hegelian philosophy, stumbled upon a curious literary parlor trick. Passing around a notebook, each writer would compose a bit of story—whatever came to mind—and then pass the notebook on. The results were interesting, nonlinear, and often surprising. During their first time out, one of them scribbled the evocative phrase, “The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine,” and thus was born a literary fad.

'The Exquisite Corpse, as it thus became known, took hold among writers, and then artists and musicians as well, celebrating the Surrealist philosophy of subverting reason and thought and allowing the unconscious to run rampant across the creative landscape. It was an ideal expression of their belief that the associations thus unearthed were superior to those generated by aesthetics and cognition.

'As you might expect, it was mostly total garbage.

'Regardless, I always thought it would be a fun experiment to try in comics. And in what better forum to try it than the pages of House of Mystery, where trying weird stuff has become something of a hobby for us?'

(The above text copy-pasted from the Vertigo blog.)

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creator: bill willingham, creator: paul levitz, title: house of mystery, creator: luca rossi, publisher: vertigo


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