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I confess that the world of "Customisable Card Games" baffles me, and many game related (CCG or video) cartoons leave me cold. I'm not a fan of Pokemon battling each other (I've heard many counterarguments, none have convinced me), Beyblade just leaves me going "What?", and whenever they describe moves in Yu-Gi-Oh it sounds like something played by feverish D&D players who only have access to decks of cards.

On the other hand, a good comic and/or cartoon can arise from anything; Jem, Visionaries, Beast Wars and the like transcended their notional toy-flogging origins by clever writing, intriguing premises and good characters (not all had each 100% but a satisfyingly large amount), and Visionaries even had a decent, if sadly short lived comic at the time (Beast Wars got one too, but not until years afterwards)

So I was pleasantly surprised when I chanced upon Huntik: Secrets and Seekers. I can't speak to the CCG, but the cartoon is great, sort of "The New Adventures of Jonny Quest" by way of a quick trip to Hogwarts and a little Dungeons and Dragons thrown in.

And yes, there is a comic somewhere in here! )


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