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Remember kids: when a limo with diplomatic plates offers you a lift in New York City -- DON'T GET IN. It's a creepy super-villain who just wants to use you for your body.

scans from The Incredible Hulk 143 )


PS: These scans came from The Incredible Hulk DVD-Rom Collection from 2007. I mention this because: 1) Marvel deserves a shout-out for authorizing such a fantastic product (although unfortunately I think it may be out of print), and 2) If there is anything specific you'd like to see I've probably got it on here; feel free to leave a request in this post.
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In The Incredible Hulk #143-144, Dr. Doom kidnaps and brainwashes Bruce Banner in hopes of Bruce making him a gamma bomb. But, like a lot of Incredible Hulk stories, #144 shifts the focus onto a different protagonist: Doom's love interest Valeria, who is also an unwilling guest.
...and Valeria is NHF Doom's shenanigans )
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In 1968 Marvel created a fantastic character called Yuri Brevlov, who was basically the USSR's Nick Fury. He and Fury had a Team Up in the Incredible Hulk. It was awesome. Then, Marvel pretty much forgot about him (I could only track down a small appearance in the 80s).

Marvel needs to bring this man back. I will show you why.

An Iron Curtain Spanning Bromance Amidst the Chaos of the Rampaging Hulk. Who Will Live? Who Will Die? Which s_ders will brave the Purple Prose?  )
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 Here's two pages from the latest issue.  Quick recap of this scene, Bruce is fighting a Hulk-assassin inside his own brain.  Hulk is driving their body, and Banner's fighting for their mind.

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On a side note, I need to throw some Transformers: Regeneration One up this week.  It's looking every bit as good as MTMTE and RID.  For a continuation on the original comic line, it's taking the grim-and-gritty approach.
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The Hulk is far and away my favorite literary character, and Incredible Hulk (volume 3) #103 is my favorite issue of his series.

Hulk #103 takes place near the end of the Planet Hulk storyline. The Hulk, exiled to an alien planet, has overthrown the tyrannical Red King and earned the rulership of a planet for himself. During this time, he made several friends, including Caiera the Oldstrong, who began as his enemy and eventually became one of his closest allies.

5 pages from Incredible Hulk #103.

And then they get married... )
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Cosmic Book News has a slew of images from Marvel for their Incredible Hulk/Ultimates Panel taking place at the 2011 Fan Expo Canada.

Pages from the new Inc Hulk, Parker and Zircher's Hulk, Ultimate Comics Spidey, X-Men, Hawkeye and more.

Here are a few after the cut:

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Cosmic Book News has all the images from the Marvel Fear Itself Panel taking place at the 2011 Canada Fan Expo.

This includes a first look at "Fear Itself #6," some Hulk images and more.

Spoilers for what happens to Thor below.

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Wow, I'm quite a Paul Pelletier fan, but this Hulk looks pretty awesome!

Cosmic Book News has the images up from the Fear Itself Panel, with a bunch of Silvestri's Hulk.

I'm onboard for this.

A couple below, more found at CBN.

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As much as I have been enjoying Pelletier, Eaglesham's stuff looks great!

One page after the cut. First look at Cosmic Book News.

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Here are two pages from "Incredible Hulks" #621 by Greg Pak and one of my favorite artists - Paul Pelletier! Though I like him better on a cosmic book! Wish he was doing Annihilators!

Looks like this issue is supposed to be read after "Chaos War" #5 as there are spoilers.

Full preview at

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CosmicBookNews has the preview of Incredible Hulks #619 (in da house! Much love for my SD peeps!) as we get an explanation why a certain powerful someone isn't up to snuff these days.

Two behind the cut.

p.s. Spoilers and foreshadowing behind the cut.

Supreme. )
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Last issue I thought was awesome with the return of the Green Scar!

The title is changed to "Incredible Hulks" with this one as they have become a family at the conclusion of #611 (touching).

Well, the prodigal son known as Hiro-Kala is returning home and he wants to take out his father and brother!

I wish Pelletier was doing these but at least he returns on the Chaos War tie-ins.

Here's preview via Cosmic Book News:

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So, yeah, Hulkpool.

He happened because of the Intelligencia's big plan, the one they've been building up to.

The one for which they neutralized the Earth's smartest people, stole Tony Stark's big gold Helicarrier, and set Rulk upon everyone else.

And as Hulk 21/Incredible Hulk 608 show us, that plan is...  )
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Greetings True Believers! I'm here to fulfill a request from box_in_the_box and it works even better since it's so close to V-Day. ;)

Every one knows that The Incredible Hulk wants to be left alone. But what happens when he doesn't want to be "alone" anymore? A certain jade-skinned lawyer better duck and cover! Enjoy....Sorta!

Suggested Tags: char: hulk/bruce banner, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, group: avengers, title: hulk, publisher: marvel comics, creator: paul jenkins, creator: mark texiera, theme: incest

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For a guy who was all "Hulk Smash!", old school Hulk could really over think life sometimes...


The Hulk/Bruce Banner,Group: The U-foes,Title:The incredible Hulk,publisher:Marvel comics

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