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It's X-Mas Eve (or at least it still was when i started writing this!), and holiday times are hitting their peak! In honor of the big guy's imminent arrival, this one's for ol' Kris Kringle!

One story from the DCU Holiday Special 2008, plus a parade of covers showcasing the issues we've been looking through these past two weeks! )

Tomorrow: We may be taking a break from the DC stories, but we're not through yet! Next time, drop in with me to Snap City and see how Madman spends his holidays!
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Whew, three posts in one day! And here I was only going to post festive stories until holiday times were through, but I guess I'll always make exceptions for Vic.

I'm running a little short on material as we get closer to X-mas, and even shorter on time tonight, so there's only one story here. I almost included a Superman/Santa Claus team-up reprinted in Christmas with the Super-Heroes #1 (originally from DC Comics Presents #67) since I haven't posted anything from that yet, but it's full-length and it's getting late tonight.

So instead,
One story from the Infinite Holiday Special )

Tomorrow: The secret origin of Santa Claus! Plus, a parade of covers to make tracking the stories you've seen here over holiday times easier to track down for yourself!
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It's a wee bit early, but I've been home sick for the last three days, and desperately need some cheer. This was posted on S_D 1.0 and prompted me to buy my very first non-collected comic book. So here it is, Christmas, Bat- and Super-Dickery style:

Cutting this story was hard. 3 1/3 pages of 10. )


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