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As I was watching the latest episode of The Flash, where Jay valiantely saves all three people from a collapsing hospital in the middle of the day, because budgets be limited, I remembered a scene from Joe Kelly's JLA run. After digging up and re-reading that scene, I felt it was so awesome that why not post it here with the scene leading to it. Also, man that show is dumb that it seems to actively assault my brain, which doesn't bother me as much as the fact that Barry is the worst in that show.

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Newsarama has posted the final cover to Jim Lee's JLA #1 which isn't quite the same as the originally released version.

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I have to say, whilst it IS nice to see Wonder Woman at the front, the collar makes it look like she's wearing a bow tie, a look which can look absolutely delightful on some woman, but doesn't quite work for Diana.
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Joe Kelly's run on the JLA after Morrison's and Waid's runs on the title was the last great run on it, but it was extremely divisive amongst fans. Kelly introduced new characters, one which was a pretty blatant Mary Sue, had these really huge ideas that didn't necessarily appeal to everyone and did try some rather unorthodoxic approach to some of the characters. Still, I'm a huge fan of his run as it did have that League of Gods feel to it and just had the Big 7 be the utter badasses they so much are. I'm actually tempted to post the Wally scene from his last arc where we see Wally really show what being the Flash is all about.

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