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recently posted about an interesting story beat that showed up in JSA All-stars #17 so I decided to grab the issue to see more.

So here's some more story, rather interesting story at that....

At first he was just a man... )

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Been browsing the previews for this weeks comics, and I came across this!
Not so unquely deisgned character behind cut. )
tags: group: Justice Society of America, title: Justice Society of America All -Stars, genre: humor.

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I believe the general S_D opinion on JSA ALL-STARS averages out to a rousing "meh" at best, and basically I'm in sympathy with that; I do like reading actually halfway competent Peej, but I feel the title's going to lose me pretty quickly and nothing short of canon Courtney/Maxine will bring me back.


There was a pretty interesting story in the Hourman/Liberty Belle backup this month.

Three not-particularly-spoilery pages of ten. )

tags =
group: amazons, title: jsa all-stars, creator: jen van meter


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