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I know. I just wanted to torture you guys.

So we last left our heroes with Lizzy about to get eaten by zombies... and no one to save her.

Til the end.  )
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One of the biggest insults to feminism, in my opinion, is the degrading of girls who like to act "girly" (sweet, cute, sensitive, basically cisgendered when it comes to the general idea of femininity).

I know feminism is a struggle to break all patriarchal gender norms, but you can't force someone not to act the way they do, especially when they choose to do it freely.

Case in point: Elizabeth Midford from the Kuroshitsuji/"Black Butler" manga, a Victorian era, Faustian style demonic, Sherlock-esque manga about a twelve-year old lord of an estate in service to the Queen.

She's been portrayed as a sweet, innocent soul who loves cute things and does everything she can in her power to make her young fiance, the main character Ciel Phantomhive, smile.

Zombies! Anachronistic lawnmowers! And demon butlers. )


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