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I hope this is an okay sort of post to make? Let me know if that's not the case, mods.

I'm not thrilled with the Marvel Adventures universe reboot for a number of reasons (Jaaaaan...), but I'm still mostly enjoying the Super Heroes run. However, it has also given me probably the weirdest of my current comics 'ships: Nova/Thor. Nova is easily my favorite thing about the reboot -- he is an adorable fanboy and I heart him. And I've always been fond of Thor. As far as shipping them goes...

Why? Well, here we go... )

2 scans from issue 1, 1 from issue 3, 4 from issue 6, 4 from issue 8 (some of which have been posted here before).
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So while scanning down the list of Marvel's April solicits, this cover for one of the "Fall of the Hulks" tie-ins caught my eye. And not in a good way.

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In other news, the solicit for the revamped Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes is out, and I am not amused. Why?

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The titles are not dead, merely rebooted. See more as part of this newsarama article.

For legality, the solicits for the two new MA books. )

Suggested tags: title: marvel adventures, creator: paul tobin, char: spider-man/peter parker, char: iron man/tony stark
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We now take you live to Spider-Man, being interviewed by the Blonde Phantom for her investigative team, WHEN SUDDENLY!

Have to admit, he's working that fedora. )

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title: marvel adventures: char: spider-man/peter parker

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Someone posted the scene of Gwen randomly putting hats on Peter, but the last two issues have really been more dedicated to another character. A mutant girl codenamed Chat.

We also get some Emma Frost being... Emma Frost.


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