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I've been meaning to post properly from this for a while now, and now have TWO very special reasons to do so.

Hasbro special - Unit-E )
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These pictures have been floating around the interwebs for the past day or so. Thanks to www.tfw2005.com for these.

All the 80's nostalgia, all the time.

To say it's 'Truly Outrageous!' is to UNDERsell it. )
And at the same time, as luck would have it, this is a perfect opportunity to properly show off my latest commission acquisition.

If he's a Micronaut... shouldn't he be a LOT smaller? )
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Going through an old box of junk I came across this little gem from 1980 which I felt I had to share; It's from one of a series of digest sized, softback (And stapled rather than bound), black and white reprint magazines that the UK had for a while. There was one for the Fantastic Four going back to their earliest issues (And which were my introduction to Jack Kirby (and let me tell you, the black and white format REALLY worked on that), another for Spider-Man, one called "Chiller" which was horror themed, and this one...

which reprinted Marvel's Micronauts and the old Battlestar Galactica comic (Then in vogue)

To place the events under the cut in context, the malevolent Baron Karza has been defeated, Homeworld has been freed from his grasp and the plucky bunch of resistance fighters known as the Micronauts have disbanded for some much needed R&R, recovery or to deal with pressing matters at home.

The ranks of the fearsome Acroyears, the ultimate warriors of the Microverse played a large part in that victory, led by King Acroyear himeself (who regained his stolen throne from his treacherous brother Shaitan) and now they head for home... but what sort of home breeds warriors of their ilk?

Welcome to Spartak! )


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