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So i posted a little of my first favorite character, Casey, Now here is a little bit of info about Jun.

Jun knows that something is up with the school. he has know since he was a kid and they tried "recruiting" him only to have some... "interevention".

as such, he knows that something is up with the school, and has been on a personal mission since he was a kid.

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Okay so, this is an AMAZING Series... Didn't know WHAT exactly to post. SO i wanted to focus in on one of my favorite Characters, Casey Blevins, But before that, A little Background. the Story focuses on 6 New Students at the prestigious Morning Glory Academy... Casey Blevins, Jun, Jade Ellsworth, Ike, Hunter, and Zoe.

They are all... gifted in some way. Coming from different walks of life. Really ALL the characters are Amazing. but Casey and Jun are my two favorite (Today I will post about Casey, tomorrow, a bit about Jun.)

So, Things at Morning Glory Academy are... a little off...

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Usually, I avoid fictionalised depictions of schools, with the exception of Channel 4's Teachers (because, yes, teaching is actually almost exactly like that).

Often, it's too cringy to fictional teachers in action as they're either life-changingly amazing (which I'm not) or are nowhere near depicting any sort of accurate level of professionalism.

I make a second exception for Image's Morning Glories, by Nick Spencer. The same Nick Spencer who is writing the super-delayed Infinite Vacation, who wrote two thirds of Supergirl #60. He's generally regarded as a "bright young thing".

The reason that I can read his Morning Glories series is because teaching is almost nothing like that.

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MORNING GLORIES, a new series by Nick Spencer, debuted today. An online reviewer described it as THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets THE PRISONER, which seems a pretty accurate description.

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