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Yeah yeah, I know, I'm on a Raven bender lately with her reintroduction in the DCnU. But it was either this or Steph Brown, and that's a hard one to do without letting "toxic" bitterness creep in; besides, Steph's got plenty of boosters here, I figure.

Besides, I was trawling the used bookstore's comic stash today and came across a copy of Baxter paper series New Teen Titans #43, which amounts to a Raven solo story and a good illustration of the things I loved about her. So I've got 8 pages out of a 27-page issue. A note on the art: the credits give the pencils to Eduardo Barreto, but the cover claims - and the DC Database confirms - it's Curt Swan. I'm not a huge Swan fan, and this is serviceable art, but I'd love to see what, say, Gene Colan could've done with this same material; something to keep in the imagination while looking these over, no?

Are paranormal powers any more difficult to accept than man's sometime cruelty to other men? )
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Normally team books are easier to trim that solo books, since there's more likely to be sub-plots you can trim out. Alas for me, not in this case, because in this issue, only two Teen Titans appear, two of the originals, and a long standing plot point is wrapped up 20 years or so after it started.

Warm touchy-feelie stuff under the cut )
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This is actually a tough theme for me, not because I don't love such moments, (And not because of my penchant for tied up heroes) but rather the opposite, I love the slushy stuff and have posted a LOT of it, but that's just it, I've already posted them...

Whether it's another Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or a Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or AvX or Alfred being awesome... well, you see what I mean... I could also cite the entirety of Calvin and Hobbes, or a lot of Asterix, and they might be coming, but a recent post on tumblr reminded me of THIS scene.

Guess what, it's a Dick and Bruce moment )

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In the last OPM week, I posted a couple of Moments dealing with Dick Grayson giving up being Robin (The first iteration of that event, not the one retconned in later when Jason 2.0 was introduced.)

We had Dick telling the Titans and then Dick telling Bruce and Jason

There was a third moment I always meant to post, but never got around to, so will correct that before this OPM is over.

Goodbye pixie boots and bare legs, hello disco collar and bare chest! )
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Yes, believe it or not I do have something to add to "Cute Romance Week"... and not a rope, shackle, or piece of duct tape in sight... honest! :)

These two instances both refer to Jason 1.0, the circus performer, not the street-punk revamp.

This first one is from 1983's "New Teen Titans #33"

Jay meets someone for the first time )

And from Detective Comics 561 in 1986 comes a 15-page story from Doug Moench and Gene Colan which has been messy to cut down because it covers two interesting plot strands in one story and I'd love to showcase both; Bruce and Jason discuss drug use, and Jason gets a girlfriend. I veer more towards the latter than the former given the theme, but I thought it worth mentioning the other too...

And then there was Rena... )

Oh, and some last minute theme approriate Valentine cards perhaps? )
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And finally for Dudes in Distress Week... honest! Then I'll be quiet!

As noted earlier, this is a repost of a post originally made in 2009 in our IJ days, but I thought that in honours of Dude in Distress week a fresh posting might be made as an exception.

So what did I pick? Go on... guess!

What else could it be, but New Teen Titans #22 )
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After Jerry Robinson, and Joe Simon (and slightly tangentially, Anne McCaffrey) who achieved astounding, magnificent things in their lives, but who lived to ripe old ages, comes the loss of a younger creator who should have had years of creative output in him, and whose loss might well be overshadowed by the many, and entirely deserved, plaudits for Mr Simon.

RIP Eduardo Barreto who we have lost at the far too young age of 57.

A Teen Titans artist but more than that )
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As per discussion in icon_uk's earlier post, I've taken a shot at scanning two pages I particularly loved from the New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel.

Some context: CIA spook Faraday has alerted the Titans that they've been picked as chess pieces in the machinations of a shadowy figure called the Gamesmaster, and he's targeted the Titans' civilian-ID nearest and dearest. So they scatter to warn and/or secure their closest relations: Donna to her adopted parents (see NTT: Who Is Donna Troy?, posted here once but now I can't find it), Vic to his grandparents, Raven to her mom who's settled in Arizona, Dick to the Batcave, Jericho to Adeline and Slade and Jessica/Megan/Jocelyn/Kayla/Betsy/Morgan/Trinity/etc.etc.etc., as icon_uk notes in the comments.

But! It turns out the target is not a relative, but a friend. Remember Sarah, the petite blonde physical therapist working with kids with prostheses who befriended Vic in the original NTT run? She's taking a charter bus of those kids to the Ren Faire Joey was playing around at in icon's post. There's a bomb on the bus, and it's a race against time - one where they're literally hobbled, because many of her kids have leg/foot prosthetics and can't move quickly enough, or nimbly enough on the grassy roadside, to get out of the blast zone. The Titans are trying to come to the rescue, but -

-some days your friends just aren't there for you. )

All flying Titans available are desperately scouting the roads for the bus, but there's just no time left.

Raven hangs back and weeps guiltily in the aftermath. Vic goes postal on Faraday and Dick has to have Joey possess him until he can get himself back under control. And Raven - oh, Raven - decides she has to have a face-to-face with Vic -

- and then, some days your friends just are there for you. )

Seriously, these two break my heart. Because I remember how suspicious and hostile Vic was to Raven in the beginning, and how hard she worked to earn his trust, and what they've come to mean to each other. I really miss these kinds of friendships.
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It's been a long, stressful week at work (I use stressful, but that doesn't quite convey the sense of a seemingly endless series of nerve shredding, bowel tightening moments), so I decided to get myself a little treat this weekend. So when I happened past a copy of the new "New Teen Titans" hardback, "Games" I couldn't resist.

And I'm glad I did... (Discussion of plot spoilers below, be warned!) )

Also, just for kicks, a page showing that Joey Wilson, owner of absurdly luxuriant locks and sideburns the likes of which comics have not seen before or since, has absolutely NO shame when it comes to headwear either.

With a 'Hey nonny nonny...' )
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To start the weekend, it's commission time again!

You know what's more fun than having a favourite character?

Having two favourite characters!

And what's better than that?

Having them interact when there's no mainstream way they could, would or should...

And what's EVEN BETTER than that?

Having an artist who "get's" your requests... and improves on them!

My newest Mitch Ballard commission )
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Last time, I castigated a themed-villain team that Karl and Barbara Kesel created for Hawk and Dove, the Cyber-Brats were... not good.

However, given some fun toys to play with, the Kesel's can have great fun.... Case in point; The Royal Flush Gang

Just over 7 pages from each of two 22 page issues.

Cue obvious 'cut' joke.. )

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Back in 1990, DC released a Portfolio of George Perez's covers for the Batman "Batman: Year Three" (which elaborated on Dick Grayson's origin, including having his photo taken with a fan on the night his parents died, and dealt with what happened when the man who killed his parents was finally released from jail) and the Batman/New Titans "Lonely Place of Dying" story (which introduced the fan, now a teenager named Tim Drake, into the Batverse properly and... well, we know what happened after that)

There were a couple of other plates included with the portfolio, but I'm only posting one of them, because whilst I don't feel bad posting the plates that were covers, it seems unfair not to stick to the 1/3 rule if I can.

The colour versions of these are lovely, but I love the inking and linework in the black and white versions, highlighting what Perez does so well, and makes look so effortless, when you know it's anything but.

Savour the beauty and artistry folks....

Could this man compose a scene badly if he tried? I think not. )


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