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A couple of pages from the latest chapter of NEW VOICES IN THE DARK that I translated.

Long ago, two villages faced each other across a river. They hated each other, but instead of building walls or taking up arms, they hung up mirrors reflecting the other side. And decades ago, the inhabitants of both villages vanished. The mirrors are all broken now, left to a team of anthropologists to decipher what happened.

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Soichi is back in mischievous young boy form, which means we're in for a lot of cruelty, slapstick and good times. And if that's not what you're into, I guarantee the next thing I post will be Soichi-free.

Here comes the second story of NEW VOICES IN THE DARK, which may as well be subtitled SOICHI GETS A CAT. As you follow this story towards the horrifying conclusion which has already formed itself in your mind, take a minute or two to stop and admire the expression Ito puts into these bloody cats. These illustrations are a real labour of love, and I can't help but feel that nobody could love cats that much without first making room by subtracting some of the love they should have for their fellow man.

Recommended for both cat people and non-cat people. Enjoy!

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