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Our heroes had braved a brawl at the Black Hole bar, fell into a real black hole, crashed into a bowl world, fought their way through the deadly zones of technology and unarmed combat. After many days they come to the deadliest of all--the Zone of Philosophy!

Part 1, part 2 and now...the conclusion. (App 8 pages from the 28-page Nexus 8)

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The comic book 'Nexus' was a space opera. The main protagonist, Nexus, dressed like a superhero, had powers like a superhero--but wasn't a superhero. Compelled by psychic dreams from the scifi future distant planet on which he lived, he was a murderous fiend to governments whose mass murdering heads of state he routinely assassinated, he was a hero to oppressed masses, many of whom followed him to his home for protection.

Judah Maccabee, an apelike alien quasi-bounty hunter who patterned his life after Nexus was one of his few trusted friends. Not having powers naturally, Judah has a sword that channels the power of a group of psychics that back him.

'Badger' was a comic book about a former Special Forces Vietnam veteran with multiple personality disorder and a few manias who ran around modern day Wisconsin dressed in a costume beating up rude people because he believed he had a mission from god. And god was a badger.

This is their teamup story, and one of the all-time greats. (Approx 4 pages from Nexus 5, 4 from Nexus 6)


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