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"My "Oh S**t" face, let me show you it."

Remember way back when, when Varsuvius cast his/her "Familicide" spell, killing off about a third of all black dragons in the world?

Remember how everyone was speculating when and how hard this would bite V in the ass later?


ETA: Images should be showing up now.
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Ah, family. Some families have problems with different view points. Darth Vader learned that the hard way when his son just didn't want to be on the Dark Side with him.

Other families don't have that problem. Order of the Stick shows us how.

I'm going to be dealing with strips between 722 and the second most current one, so you can go there and read the arc if you want.

SPOILERS! Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers ahoy. 10 images )
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Ah, is there any gaming webcomic better than Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick? Creative use of the canvas, injokes kept to an acceptable level (to me at least), interesting cast, epic storyline: what more could you want? Okay, so it doesn't update as often as one would like, but that's a minor quibble.

Anyway, today we'll be looking at Perfect Moments for two characters, both of which are arcane spellcasters. Varsuuvius, the party's elven mage whose gender is very determinedly indeterminate, and Xykon the sorcerer lich who serves as the comic's main villain. Note that another contender for Xykon's perfect moment has already been posted ("Follow the bouncing ball, everybody!"). I think that one could be judged as superior, but I don't want to repost it. Might as well go for things that haven't been posted already for OPM week, right?

Arcane awesomeness under the cut. )

Anyway, that's all from Order of the Stick for now. Unless anyone wants to see a heavily pregnant lady killing ninjas?
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Rich Burlew's "Order of the Stick" is an epic fantasy webcomic populated entirely by stick figures. Better than it sounds. There are two black-and-white prequel books containing stories never told--the first contains the stories of the heroes before they met each other; the second, the story of the villains before the comic began.

This image is from the former.

(Note: this is my first time posting something here, so, feedback appreciated.)
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The Order of the Stick is my favorite webcomic. It's based on Dungeons & Dragons, though you don't have to know anything about D&D to enjoy the comic.

To show you how awesome OotS is, I thought I'd share this extended sequence.

Y'all really should check out The Order of the Stick if you haven't already.
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The Order of the Stick pays tribute to an unsung legend. Chances are you haven't heard of him, but he's loomed large in the lives of a lot of the geek set.


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