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Now, I'm 25 and my DC is the continuity that ran from Legends in 1986 to Flashpoint in 2011. Out of that I got Starman, I got what I think is the best run of JLA ever written (thanks Grant Morrison), I got so many amazing Batman stories with art from greats like Jim Aparo and Graham Nolan, and a run of Superman where he ended up with the woman he was supposed to end up with, and they lived happily... ever... well. You get the idea.

Spoilers for DC Comics from Infinite Crisis onwards under the cut, but this will all dovetail into some stuff about Power Girl.

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I had a big think about this in the summer, but recently, I've been thinking about how comic books attract new readers and how welcoming they are. There's an old saying about how "every comic is somebody's first" and comics have to have a go at making it possible for new readers to pick up any book, even if its midstream. There's a lot of advertised "jumping on points" and Marvel's .1 initiative has been a pretty uneven way of their characters, concepts and stories.

In superhero movies, there's always a desire to do an origin story as a way to make the story accessible to new readers. This always frustrates me, especially since Colleen Coover's told the definitive Spider-man story in one panel and six words and Batman's isn't much more than "My parents are deeeeead." We don't need to see James Bond start his military training and changing to HMSS to know that he's a badass, so why have we got to see Green Lantern get his ring? Why can't we just see him be a space cop?

DC's relaunch has made a big deal about being new reader friendly and has by and large jumped into stories. Apart from Supergirl, I'm not aware of any origins being retold, which is nice.

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Are comic books really less new-reader friendly than other media? I know that it doesn't take much to pick up a movie and watch it, and that sequels rarely do recaps (though the credits sequence in Incredible Hulk was pretty bloody good). What about for TV? Is it easier to jump into a TV series midstream (and not just soaps, but one with an ongoing narrative like The Shield or Fringe) than it is to jump into an ongoing comics series?
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Peej may clearly wear the pants in any relationship that she's in, emasculate any man who dares to come on too strong, be the one to punch through walls and amputate arms to protect the people she loves, and she may even enjoy living up to her reputation of being an arrogant, brash hardass (pun possibly intended) that doesn't take any bullshit from anyone.

But when it comes to spending *quality* time with others, or showing other emotions besides anger, she feels more vulnerable than an actor standing naked on stage in front of a live audience.

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When it comes to job interviews, Karen Starr is very selective of certain personality types that don't conflict with her company's vision. In other words, she's a good boss lady. As such, this is what happened to a guy who read the wrong job description.

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So, Matt Sturges is going to write two issues of Power Girl. Now, I am so happy Winick is off the book, even temporarily, but his comments on the nature of the arc seem to worry me.

Read for yourself.

So, what do you guys think?

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Last issue ended with the cliffhanger of employee Nicco revealing that he knows Karen Starr is really Power Girl.

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Hmm... what could this be? A post title with such abundance of caps-lock?

Who could warrant such endorsement?

Who could bring such EXCITEMENT?

Such... POWER?


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