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Based on chat in another thread, I got to wondering how many posters here are blessed enough to be either British or living in Blighty. Can we have a quick British roll call, if you'd be so kind? (And by using that phrase, I got myself lost in an hour of watching Bioshock videos. Oops).

(People from other countries should feel free to comment in this post too. It's got drinking, singing, open top sports scars, a man pissing in a field... it's got EVERYTHING!)

In the interests of posting something in a British spirit I had a little rummel through my collection. I've already posted Clubbing and somebody had beaten me to the punch for Gerry and the Fucking Skrull Pacemakers. So, how about some more Queen and Country engaging in that most British of activities; getting pissed and indulging in some quiet vandalism. )
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Each day in 40 days of winter I hum and haw and mentally thumb through my bookshelves and shortboxes and folders of comics to see if I have anything relevant.

Today (I believe) is LGBTQ day, which didn't throw up any obvious answers. Nothing in Avengers. nothing in Fantastic Four. Nothing in Invincible. There is something in Ex Machina, and I'll do that later. I was starting to draw a depressing blank.

Then it hit me.

I've got a comic that fits the bill.

It's by Greg Rucka. It features a promising young thing with a bright career in the military who has to give it up because of their sexuality.

You all know them - it's Nick Poole! )
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This was going to be my last post on awesome new female characters, but I'll be doing another order post as a favour to Jazzypom.

This one is dedicated to Tara Chace aka Tracy Carlisle of Greg Rucka's Queen and Country. You can buy the definitive editions for a decent price on Amazon and they're big meaty tomes, collecting up to a dozen issues in each one.

Queen and Country is about the bureaucracy of the international spy game, or "What would the Bond films be like if Moneypenny and M were the stars?"

Tara Chace is a Minder, working for Special Ops in the Secret Intelligence Services for Her Majesty's Government. Minders go out and do all of the dangerous, secret stuff, but also all of the mundane, drudgery of paperwork in a windowless office.

This first set is from Operation Blackwall (Queen and Country #15) )

Two ops down the line and we get to Operation Dandelion )

If you want to find out Mwama's story, either buy the definitive volume 2 or just watch it in Sandbaggers, a TV adaptation based on Queen and Country written by a former naval officer turned television writer from the future.
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A while back, I posted some of Queen and Country #1.

Now, here's some of Queen and Country #26, featuring everybody's second favourite Dane.

Taken up the Holte End )


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