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Writer: Barbara Randall Kesel
Artist: Irene Koh
Colorist: Wendy Broome

Well this just popped into my field of view very recently. Let's take a look at one of the latest stories from Sensation Comics.

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Okay, so taking a cue from Icon, and as a rebuttal to a characterization of Wonder Woman in a recent post, I wanted to share a story from the new Sensation Comics that I really liked. It's less than a month old in print form, but in web form (which I'm copying from) it's older... so I think that makes it okay to go to 1/3rd?

Equivalent to 6 out of 20 half pages from chapter 12, and 8 out of 24 of Chapter 13.

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I've been following the new digital Sensation Comics, and thought I'd share some of the stories so far. Three stories below, around 6 1/2 pages each of 20-page stories.

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posted this at the old S_D 1.0. thought i'd re-post here:

classic golden age wondie. now featuring steve "the brain" trevor!

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eta: why steve is dressed as he is in the 4th dimension:

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suggested tags: creator: william moulton marston, creator: h.g. peter, era: golden age, title: sensation, publisher: dc comics, char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira, char: steve trevor
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Today's scans are about the same Fun Clinics mentioned in yesterday's. They're from "The Malice of the Green Imps", originally published in Sensation Comics #28 in 1944, reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives Volume 4. (Those volumes are indispensable for the Golden Age Wonder Woman geek.)

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When I first made this post, which was pretty early in my GA WW postings, I remarked that several people at the old s_d were so amazed at the amount of bondage and other crack that they asked me if I was sure my scans hadn't been photoshopped. When one has experienced the full crackiness of GA WW, photoshopping more craziness in would seem anticlimactic.

The Sherlockian title of the story from which today's scans come is "Adventure of the Kidnapers of Astral Spirits", originally published in Sensation Comics #25 in 1944.

Just two panels from this one. I'm not trying to convey the full story or anything, just highlighting the most cracktastic bits:

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Today's offering is from "The Blue Spirit Mystery", Sensation Comics #30, 1944. It's a surprisingly complex (though nonetheless cracked out) story about a racket in the form of a cult that swindles people out of their money.

Really, a lot of Golden Age comics had plots much more complex than most Silver and Bronze Age ones, and dealt with comparatively mature subjects - not mature in the sense of sex and violence, but how many 7-year-olds would one expect to be interested in cult religion scams? I think they gave kids more credit then. Though of course, the stories were still whacked out.

For dial-uppers:
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Three panels from Sensation Comics #29, 1944. Mala is the Amazon in charge of the Amazon prison. You can imagine what Amazon prisons are like by now, I expect. Here's how Mala fares in Man's World:


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