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Often forgotten, but never by the true believers, I give you the delectable backside of one Johnny Gallo, Ricochet of the Slingers, and Loners (god I loved that series, save for the final issue :\ )

My sentiments exactly. )

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Okay, because someone mentioned in my earlier post that Ricochet (of the Slingers) is currently not having much fun in his chosen profession, six pages (out of roughly forty) from Richochet's Slingers #1 (there were four variants of that issue, one for each character, with their POV on the events in that issue).

Scans not mine. Joseph Harris wrote it, ChrisCross pencilled it and it has Richochet (Johnny Gallo) and Hornet (Eddie McDonough).

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One and a half page from Slingers #0, just for kicks. Scans not mine, story credits: Joseph Harris penned, Adam Pollina drawn. Featuring Prodigy (Ritchie Gilmore) and Ricochet (Johnny Gallo).


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