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So all the talk as of late about The Killing Joke reminded me of something. Specifically, I've seen the whole "one bad day" talk elsewhere, perhaps as a sort of homage or tribute? But not in anything as dark or grim as the source material...

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Sonic Universe. A side-story comic spun off a comic based on a video game character. Not exactly where one would expect to find high quality stuff.

Fortunately, however, Archie and writer Ian Flynn defy expectations, and put at least as much effort into the character-centric side stories as they do the main book... which is itself better than one may expect ^^

In this case? The story of an AI, Nicole, in....

The Spark of Life!

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Sonic the Hedgehog titles are wrapping up new Freedom Fighters arc giving us three new teams, not unlike the Avengers. Now on the eve of a filler issue (142 will be an Olympic tie in. Topical. Also not featuring Mario characters), the story of Ixis Nagus takes an interesting turn.

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Coming off of Generator_rex's awesome Robotnik post, I decide to do a follow-up on one of the big questions people had about it: What happened to Sally?

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For a long time I've been wanting to do an Archie Sonic update, and I've finally gotten around to it!

The theme of this post is character development and a stirling example of how to do marriage in an action comic right!

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For the day of the 30 Day Meme, I posted Drago as my favorite villain because he was the loathsome kind of badguy who never wins at the end. I left off where he joined Eggman (AGAIN!) and becomes a cyborg. You think that would break his bad luck streak... BUT his lowest low comes in issue 214. And believe me, you will be surprise.
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And it is in a KID'S comic to boot! )

tags: char: Sally Acorn, char: Monkey Khan/ Monkey Ken, title: Sonic the Hedgehog.


Oct. 6th, 2009 09:00 pm
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From Sonic the Hedgehog 203, I've posted one of the under used characters from the comic based on the video game. His name is Monkey Khan, hailing from the Asian reign of Mobius, and is a figure based on Goku from Journey to the West.  And even though the Monkey has appeared in a few issues since his long absence in the series, I like him already.


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