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From the dim depths of 1995 comes this memorable issue of Milestone Comics, a Milestone milestone if you will. Static #25, and the controversy about it's cover.

This is the cover that was released.... a guy and a gal embracing and kissing. Very cute, you might think. but it's not the cover that was originally intended.

Static 25

If you want to see THAT cover, then click on the image above and you'll see the full scale image as originally planned. But we'll get back to that.

It's also an excellent comic in it's own right )
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I'm slightly ashamed I never heard about this before now. Only a year or so ago we lost one of the two creators of Static, Dwayne McDuffie

And now we've lost the other....

Sad news and a charitable request beneath )
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You gotta love teenage hero books, where the main character acts like a teen.

Read more... )

His powers are getting more intense.


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