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Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Lenil Francis Yu

And time for something nice to break up the amount of crap I've been shoveling at you guys.

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Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Lenil Francis Yu

It's been a while since I did a post on Superior so... let's get back to it!

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""The idea behind Superior is very simple,” he offers. “People always said that Batman was an easier character to relate to than Superman, because he was human, because he could be hurt and because Superman is too perfect. That’s always been the big complaint about Superman. I never found that to be a problem, because I always loved Superman growing up. But people said, ‘I can’t relate to him; he’s flawless; I never worry about him because you know he’s going to be okay.’ So what I did, essentially, was Marvelize the character with Superior, because Marvel characters are much easier to relate to than DC characters, just because they seem more like real people." - Mark Millar

With the ongoing release of Huck and Jupiter's Circle and the upcoming sequel to Chrononauts, let's take a moment to turn back the clock to 2010 for Mark Millar. It was the year that the first issue of Superior was dropped. Superior is easily my favorite comic by Millar and being that's it's almost about a half a decade old, let's take a moment to look at it.

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I recently read an old interview with Paul Cornell where he said Mark Millar is responsible for his current comic book career. Millar called him up after watching an episode of DOCTOR WHO he wrote, "Human Nature," offering to connect him with Marvel editors. Before that, he'd been trying to get into the industry but not really getting anywhere.

So if Millar weren't a big name, none of Cornell's work for Marvel and DC would exist. That's funny.

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