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"Over the years, various smart people have written about Superman as a metaphor for the Jewish immigrant or Asian American experience. I’ll take it a step further — everyone on the planet at some point feels that he or she doesn’t belong on the planet. We’re all outsiders and others. Acknowledging that experience while remaining totally committed to helping other people anyway is what makes Superman great — and what elevates the best Superman stories beyond vicarious fantasy toward something approaching the richness, tragedy and quiet humanity of heroic myth." - Greg Pak

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Okay I don't want to ruin anyone's buzz, so feel free to skip this post if it's going to bring you down.

I really like the Zatanna/Bruce dynamic, and it doesn't get enough love, so here's a very bittersweet moment.

Bruce and Clark were trapped in a dream world by Doctor Destiny, and they've finally broken free to reality.

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Paul Levitz gave another interview for Worlds Finest on CBR today, and let me just say I think they may have given me something to actually be upset about. It's enough to say, icon says all. And yes, that is saying a bloody lot.

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Just before the relaunch, DC did one final (though very short) Bertinelli!Huntress/Power Girl team-up for old times sake!

And Jesus, I've never read so much ANGST in just 8 pages...Poor Peege needs a HUG!!!! TT__TT )


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