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The Ballad Of Halo Jones was written by Alan Moore for 2000 AD, and has been described as a "feminist space opera." The story is set in the 50th century, beginning in a dystopian enclosed city known as The Hoop. Although the story was originally released in weekly five page episodes, the TPB is divided into three books - the following ten pages are all taken from the first book. The three books are all quite different in tone and it's hard for me to choose a favourite, so if these scans go down well I may post parts of books two and three in the future.

Halo is 18 at the beginning of the story, and lives on The Hoop with her room mates Brinna, Rodice, and Ludy, along with Brinna's robotic dog Toby. Having absolutely no food in the house, Halo and Rodice plan to go grocery shopping.

It's a lot more complicated than it sounds. )


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