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Don't believe me?

The Golden Age is considered to have begun with Action 1 and the appearance of Superman, as well as the Phantom, in 1937.

Doctor Occult was introduced in 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, despite the names listed on the strips below according to Wiki, and hails from the action adventurer/detective schools. Comic Book Resources has a nice article on him here. But the scans are a little small, so I rustled up what I could. Read more... )
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Molly has been kidnapped by the retarded pink dinosaurs and is now trapped in Hell, forced to listen to the Governess because the Governess is torturing Crimple. Molly is told to read from a book. (8 scans, issue longer than 22 pages; writer John Ney Rieber and illustrator Peter Snejbjerg.)

Shrinking Violetta, or the Princess Who Did As She Pleased. )

Tim also had to read a story. His was shorter. I'll get to Gotham Central later.
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I just got around to reading this place again, and remembered that once upon a time I had posted to the old scans_daily with Books of Magic scans that hey, I still have around. And there are only two Books of Magic entries, so here. (8 pages scanned, issue was longer than 22; writer John Ney Rieber and illustrator Peter Snejbjerg.)

This is the time Molly got kidnapped by the retarded pink dinosaurs. )

I only got to read up to "Girl in the Box", and my library doesn't have "Burning Girl", so I never saw for myself what happened to Molly although I do know. Does anyone have any scans? Books of Magic was my first comic and I love it. Even if no one else does B|. Also, I notice we apparently have no Gotham Central (otherwise known as CSI: Gotham) scans, so I will fix that with the time they shot Batman.
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I had never heard of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld until the scans were posted here. But upon going back through some old Neil Gaiman stuff, I realized that Gemworld gets a mention in the original Books of Magic miniseries (in issue #3, with art by Charles Vess). 

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First post on InsaneJournal, please let me know if I do something wrong.

A post the other day reminded me of The Books of Magic, and I noticed that there are no tags here for Tim Hunter! I wanted to remedy this, and thought that people in this community might enjoy part of The Books of Magic Annual #3: A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter.

These 8 pages from the 39 page annual show a story about a Timothy Hunter in a somewhat familiar universe (well, actually two Timothy Hunters, but neither of them are the main Timothy Hunter character).

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this is the text of the cut )


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