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Batman and the Shadow'd arrived at Shamba-La.

(They'd come in through the door.)

They saw the Stag - the Stags, the many that the Shadow'd thought were one for years - laying waste to the place.

(The Joker was also there.)

There was burning and bodies. )
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Batman'd been wounded under Gotham.

(He'd got it saving the Joker's life.)

The wound wouldn't close, despite Alfred's best efforts.

" The Stag's ancient sickness will creep. " said the Shadow.

" The strike will kill him in time..

" Batman is dead. "

" Not yet. " )
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Batman was tied up under Gotham.

(He'd been caught by surprise.)

The Joker and the Stag had him rigged up.

Before an audience of Gotham's other terrors, the Joker exposited.

Batman strained. )
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Batman'd subdued the Shadow with electricity.

(He'd done it in Crime Alley.)

The killer they'd been after, the Stag, had escaped them.

Batman wanted that horned fiend quantified.

And constrained, of course. )
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Batman faced the Shadow in the Alps.

He'd found him in the place of Henri Ducard.

They fenced, wooden sword to wooden sword.

Batman wanted him for the death of Lamont Cranston.

" Why kill your descendant? "

" Cranston is but one of many faces I've worn over the centuries. " said the Shadow.

He went on, ascribing the modern-day Cranston's death to another: " The Stag has come for Gotham's best, Bruce. Reason will not defeat him. "

" Convenient alibi. But I won't play your game. "

" This is no game. It is a glimpse of the world you've found.. "

The Shadow exposited to Batman.  )
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There was a crossover of Batman and the Shadow in 2017.

It was a joint DC/Dynamite publication.

It opened on Bruce Wayne in the Alps, asking Henri Ducard to help him solve a mystery.

The mystery was a murder in Gotham.

He'd arrived at the crime scene and asked Captain Montoya for a moment alone. )
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The Shadow'd done a loop-around through the Twilight Zone.

Leaving a man who'd written him, he'd ended up back where his journey'd started.

In his own body again, he was the prisoner of the Nazis he, Margo, and Shrevvy'd struck at.

He faced them unflichingly.

They had him chained up. )
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The Shadow found himself another layer deeper in the Twilight Zone.

Out of one man, he'd stepped into another.

He'd gone from the streets to a room, a stubbed-out cigarette trailing smoke and a glass half-drunk.

There was a problem before him, on a desk with a lamp on.

He went to the window, looked out into the night. )
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The Shadow was in the Twilight Zone.

He'd stepped into it out of himself in 1939, into Lamont Cranston.

He'd stepped again, back two years and into another role.

Now, he was about to play the Shadow on the radio.

He looked into a mirror. )
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The Shadow passed through the Twilight Zone once.

His journey'd begun in 1939, after the breaking up of a Nazi rally.

He and Margo Lane drove away from their work, Moe Shrevnitz at the wheel.

She wondered if they'd hurt any of the women and children down there.

" I'd never have set the charges if I'd known. And you blasting away with your .45s.. you can't be sure.. "

He looked at her. )
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The Shadow and Batman faced Shiwan Khan and Ra's al Ghul.

Two men faced the secret masters of the world.

The two who led the Silent Seven had a third on their side- Damian Wayne, Robin, claimed by Ra's and puppeted by Khan.

Batman faced Ra's and Damian in the Seven's headquarters.

The Shadow faced Khan in the latter's mind.

He fought with the power he'd realized when Khan'd had Damian take a shot at him.

Khan overpowered him, blowing holes in his self-conception.

" You were always going to die here. " he told the defeated Shadow.

" How could you possibly hope to defeat me in my own mind? "

The Shadow answered him. )
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The Shadow/Batman's a battle between histories.

On one side, there's three generations of heroes- the Shadow, Batman, and Damian Wayne as Robin.

On the other, there's the Silent Seven, the secret masters of the world.

The Shadow and Batman mounted a financial attack on the Seven.

The Seven's two masters, Ra's al Ghul and Shiwan Khan, noticed.

Khan ignored Ra's counsel that they not rise to the bait.

" To allow the Shadow to believe that he's defeated the Silent Seven, even falsely.. "

Ra's watched him declaim. )
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The plot of The Shadow/Batman's got scope.

It's the inverse of the preceding Batman/The Shadow's, which was personal.

The Shadow/Batman #1 last month had Batman realizing that scope.

He'd been given a hint by Professor Pyg.

He and Robin'd stopped the professor's work in New York. )

The Shadow: Leviathan #1

A world of corruptions and petty politics, prejudices and hate. A world with a frightening new regime taking control. A world where true power lies not with those who hold the reins, but with those who control the story. How can two guns and a devil’s stare fight the 21st Century? I couldn’t be prouder to be telling this tale. With the exceptional Daniel HDR by my side, The Shadow: Leviathan is a smart, slick, brutal takedown of today, with nothing less than a living idea holding its finger to the trigger. -- Si Spurrier

Read more... )
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Last month's Batman/the Shadow #3 had the former captured.

The Joker and the Stag (the ritual murderer of exemplars introduced in last year's Batman Annual) knocked him out.

He woke up restrained.

" Exciting! " smiled the Joker.

" I wasn't sure you'd wake up this time. "

Batman took in his surroundings. )