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 So the highly anticipated 6th installment of the Filipina paranormal investigator-slash-warrior and prophecy child "Trese" has the author releasing multiple previews. 

Which means we've got a lot to be excited for! 

Sixteen scans under the cut )
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A little bit of Trese for halloween? Some horror, some action, some disturbing content.

So it starts off with a power outage in friendly little Livewell Village. So Melchor the repairman is called in.

It was going to be better than okay... )

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So for those of you who've seen my Trese posts about the badass female consultant of the Philippine police on supernatural cases...

Meet her father.

WARNING for some creepy dudes, a strip bar, murder, and the usual supernatural horror+gore

So, did the lady come over to buy some ribs and a side order of guns?  )
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Warning for pedophilia. And murder. Three pages out of six.

It starts off with a single mother inviting a lover to her home.

It's in that first invitation... )

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BACK WITH SOME TRESE. And I love outsiders-looking-in when it comes to supernatural stories.

If you've watched The Dark Knight Rises, then you're familiar with the young, promising officer character who gets pushed into a situation that's way beyond normal. That's basically what happens here.

A young man joins the Midnight Patrol, a very special sector in the Philippine police.

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Hey heidi ho.


Case 5: A little known murder in Studio 4

It's mainly about an actress who is reenacting the life and times of an older actress in a new movie to be released in the film festival.

The Fame Monster... )
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In celebration of getting the newly released Volume 4 (YAYYYYYYY), I'm posting Case 4 of Volume 1 early.

This one is a tribute to Mars Ravello, creator of the DARNA komiks.

Volume 1: The Murder on Balete Drive

Case 4:

(small warning for mentions of rape)

Less monster, more magic. Star light, star bright... )
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Hello everyone! I'll be posting the set of Trese volumes for your reading pleasure over here. For those who like horror/supernatural/suspense in black and white, this is your scene.

Who does the Philippine police call in when they're in over their heads with something seemingly unnatural?

I'll give you three guesses.

The murder of a dead girl... )


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