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Borrowed the issue just to post this, because I think the use of this particular plot device has gotten so overused in the assorted multiverses and novels that I couldn't help rolling my eyes.

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char: nick fury, char: war machine/jim rhodes, creator: mark millar, publisher: marvel comics, title: ultimate comics avengers
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When I posted the introductions of the "Ultimate Comics Avengers" a little while back, something was nagging at me as familiar about bio-terrorist!Wasp's intro. Then, while re-reading some of the Roger Stern run on the 616 Avengers, I found what I was looking for.

Two panels, one from UCA, and one from Avengers #275.

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So, now that the Ultimates as we know them are no longer a team and Millar's decided they weren't Dark and Edgy enough anyway, Fury's gone out to hand-pick himself a new Black Ops team made of people who are even bigger bastards in order to hunt down an AWOL Captain America.

Let's meet some of the new crew, shall we?

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