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Tonight, a couple of requests fulfilled.

First, [profile] psychop_rex found that the mention of "Cap'n Hand and His Mutinous Band" in my "Victor" post without the actual page intriguing, so....
Pirate Education at its finest )

And now, a special request by Randy Cassingham of "This Is True" and the "True Stella Awards", When I told him that a certain product was mentioned in Secret Six #15, he asked to see the page in question.

Much sought after... )

I have to say, the amazing response to my last post almost makes me wish I hadn't given all my old Harvey Comics to younger relatives over the years. But I'm going to access my cache of old comics over Thanksgiving weekend, so I hope you'll all enjoy more from the British comics of the early 1980s.
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And now as my final post on the IJ version of Scans Daily, the July 2, 1983 issue of Victor. This title also depended heavily on war stories, but not quite as heavily as Warlord. They do however make the covers.

At this point, there was a one-page gag strip entitled "Cap'n Hand and his Mutinous Band." It was so mediocre even by the standard of gag strips that I have opted out of showing it.

Your thoughts, gentlefolk?

Coming up on Dreamwidth, a story with Thrill-Power! And the new darker and edgier take on a childhood favorite.


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