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Yeah, I kind of dropped the ball on the weekly posts, but the scans have so much time between them that my heart went out of it. Dunno whether I'll keep up, but I'm giving up on the showcase-style posts. Instead, here's my two favorite strips from week six.

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I'll get the what's-been-posted-so-far chart done once we've made the rounds from this issue.
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Again, I come to the table late and have to choose just one! Figure I should consider myself lucky I even got that much, though.

And for mods' sake, I'm gonna go ahead and keep a count of what's been posted so far:
Hawkman: 2
Superman: 1
Wonder Woman: 1
Supergirl: 1
Metal Men: 1
Flash: 1
Metamorpho: 1
The Demon and Catwoman: 1

One more spot open for this week if you want to post something from this issue!
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You'll have to forgive me, everyone else already got the really special ones this week, and too many of the others we might want to post from later, so I'm showing you Hawkman.

I heartily recommend the title to anyone who isn't picking it up. This is a really magical kind of thing, and I promise you won't regret being a part of it! I've been showing it to everyone I know who's even vaguely interested in comics, getting them as excited as I am. My LCS' are selling out, so don't miss out at yours!
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My favourite feature (shockingly, not one of the ones I was really waiting for!) wasn't posted in the last Wednesday Comics post, so, I'm posting it....

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Image Comics has finally updated their online schedule with next week's releases.
There's only one thing I was looking for, and to my great pleasure, I've got something to look forward to this Wednesday.

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Y'all remember Ben Caldwell, the guy doing the Wonder Woman segment for Wednesday Comics? He's been posting art teases on his blog, and a few weeks back I put some of them up here.

He's posted a bit more art, so I've put some new pics up under the cut, but I'd also like to direct anyone who commented on the last post to this thread, in which Caldwell swings by to offer a response to some of our discussion. Partly because internet shelf life dictates that otherwise no one would see it, but mostly because (highlight for spoiler) OMG CHEETAH, which elicits in me a response very similar to the one Gage just got from [ profile] schmevil and [ profile] batcookies for his Tigra comment.

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The full creative line-up for DC's next weekly, along with its price tag, has been revealed.

And some more pages of art have shown up here and there online, as well. Take the first page of Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook's KAMANDI feature, for example, courtesy of DC's blog.

Free Image Hosting at

And for those of you who can't read French and are too lazy to do the minor brainwork necessary to figure out the translation from context, the creative line-up's also
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Ben Caldwell, who's working on the Wondy segment of the upcoming Wednesday Comics weekly, has been posting art teases at his blog. There's some fairly cool stuff and some vague suggestions of plot as well.


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