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You know I couldn't pass up "Manga Day!"

"What's Michael?" isn't one of my personal favorites, but is one of the better manga for showing to people outside the hobby, and let's face it, cats are much beloved.

Michael is an orange tabby, like Garfield or Heathcliff, but unlike them isn't confined to a single continuity. The majority of stories have him living with a particular typical Japanese family, but others give him other owners, or take place in alternate universes, or focus more on the antics of humans who interact with cats. (For example, today's offering.) The manga really strikes a chord with cat lovers and cat owners, I've noticed, due to its humorous insights into cat and cat-person behavior.

The following adds up to 2 pages of 6 (and the way Imageshack is acting persnickety today, I'm glad I didn't try to upload twelve pages of a 36-page chapter) of a story published in "Super Manga Blast!" #16, October 2001. Pages were flipped, so read left to right.

The darkest secrets of cat aficionados. )

Another more recent manga to check out if you like cats is "Chi's Sweet Home" which is much more candy-coated.

Your thoughts and comments?

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creator: Makoto Kobayashi
medium: manga
publisher: Dark Horse Comics
theme: animals
title: Super Manga Blast
title: What's Michael


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