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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow canuckleheads. I hope you all enjoy your food comas. I was in the midst of mine when it occurred to me to propose a theme: FOOD WEEK. All the tasty tasty comics featuring, involving, or instructing one how to make food. How about it?

For my first contribution, I offer some lovely recipes in comic form.

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From the creator of Antique Bakery, Fumi Yoshinaga's latest series: Kinou Nani Tabeta? Or, in English, What Did You Eat Yesterday?

What Did You Eat Yesterday? has everything that Yoshinaga does best, and which we loved so well in Antique Bakery: adorable slice-of-life, cute men, and hardcore food porn. Seriously, when Fumi gets her food geek on, you want to eat the pages. And WDYEY goes into such detail describing the process of making and serving food that you can actually use those scenes as recipes.

Don't read these manga on a diet.

I may include a cooking sequence in a later entry, but for now, let's stick with the cute men!


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