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A horror title from Image's Skybound imprint, which has aptly been described as "Doctor Strange meets House".

In this one-shot, a man wakes up in a hotel bathtub full of ice with an incision in his side... but there's no missing kidney, and no sign of drugs.

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I wanted to give the DC relaunch a chance.  I really did.  But between the silly costumes, the gratuitous violence, the demeaning character portrayals, and (in my opinion) some pretty mediocre storytelling choices, I think I have to give it a pass.

(Marvel isn't much better, but that's a rant for another day).

I'm not giving up on comics, however.  There are three titles out there that I follow religiously:

The first is GOLD DIGGER.  One man writing and drawing the book, without any fill-ins for 20 years.  And while it may look like a cheesecake book at first glance, consider that the three major protagonists are all female, and have been since the beginning.

The second?  ATOMIC ROBO.  Because they get it.  Comics are supposed to be fun.  And Robo is fun, without being childish or "wacky".

And the last is a book I discovered only recently, and have posted about before:

WITCH DOCTOR.  And, amusingly enough, these two panels from the  latest issue pretty much sum up my feelings about "mainstream" comics.

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Some comics embrace the highest ideals of the superhero genre.

Others take them apart, showing their flaws and mundanity.

Witch Doctor, from Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint of Image Comics, is neither of those things.

It's the tale of Vincent Morrow, MD, the Sorcerer General of the Earth dimension, treating supernatural infestations with the tools of magic and the methods of medicine.

And it's bloody hilarious (pun intended).

As a sample, I've chosen this bit from the second issue, as Morrow & his new intern have to deal with an epidemic of faerie changelings.

(Slightly icky contents, possibly NSFW)

What do you do with any evil baby? )

If you are tired of Big Two hype, and want an entertaining read, you could do worse than Witch Doctor.


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