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Y: the Last Man is a series that I absolutely adore and I honestly can't choose a single character from the series that I prefer over the others. So here are some of my favorite moments from some of the main characters.

Gotta Love a Rifle Cozy )
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From Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man, in which there are more than a few awesome female characters, there's Agent 355. Introduced as the bodyguard of Yorick, the last male left alive on the planet, she soon became one of the central characters of the series.

What else?

Oh, yes - BAMF. )

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Last year for this theme I posted the airplane peanuts/"you need to meet more women..." scene from ...err.. somewhere near the end of Y: The Last Man

This year, another fun moment! (well for me at least) in the Yorick/355 interaction.
Many of their conversations in general qualify as "perfect moment", but this one is #2 on the fav list!

it was the Beatles reference that sealed the deal )

next year: the scene in that last issue that makes everyone cry like a bitch! (great scene tho. Read the series just for that if nothing else)
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Dr. Allison Mann is one of the principal characters in Brian K. Vaughan's amazing series, Y: The Last Man. In it, a mysterious plague wipes out every living creature with a Y chromosome on the planet, except Yorick, a twenty-two year old unemployed magician and his pet monkey Ampersand. As the greatest geneticist in the world, Dr. Mann is determined to find out why Yorick and Ampersand survived the plague as well as a means to continue the survival of the human race.Read more... )

Y: The Last Man is one of my favorite series of all time. It's an amazing coming-of-age story that is alternatively hilarious, exhilarating, thought-provoking, and ultimately, heart-wrenching, but never ceases to be entertaining. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
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I dun know why, but those last 2 panels totally sum up the series for me

so what better thing to do in middle of crazy-early AM hours than share with the interwebz!

just 2 pages, from Y:The Last Man )


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