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Female Furies #1

"Yeah, it’s interesting because as this idea about gender equality was brewing up inside of me and I was combing through Kirby’s pages and pages of work, I saw that a lot of that stuff was already embedded in his world and the way that Darkseid and his Cronies talk about Granny and the Furies. It was really fascinating. I feel like I’m pulling directly from his world and highlighting the color or turning up the volume.

Kirby knew that women were capable and strong and equal, but he also knew that wasn’t [widely seen to be] the case in his present day. So that’s stitched in there. The way men comment on Barda’s body. The way that men on Apokolips talk about the Furies. The way Gilotina, who’s not in my book, handles a handsy guard. The way that Granny treats her own girls. It felt like a real ripe time to take a look at these kinds of issues within the context of a story that was already inherently commenting on it and addressing it.

Women have been enduring these kinds of stories of not being able to advance in fields for years, and even with progress being made, we still face challenges. Look at all the headlines these days. It’s amazing that we’re saying enough. With the Fourth World, I thought it would be interesting to see an awakening on the level of a Me Too movement, but on a planet where everyone is really the bad guy — even the gals – because everything is heightened."

- Cecil Castellucci

Warning for Rape

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Pride of Baghdad

"Comics have always had a pretty rich tradition of telling meaningful stories with anthropomorphized animals. I thought experimenting with that genre in a standalone graphic novel would be a good way to push myself, get away from my usual dumb pop-culture references and shocking cliffhangers. At the same time, I was also hungry to write something that addressed my conflicted feelings about the Iraq War. When I read reports about this pride of escaped lions, everything just kind of fell into place."

- Brian K. Vaughan

Warning for Rape

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Batman: Damned #2

The next issue has yet to come out but it's been over a month so I'm posting a third from this one.

Warning for rape

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Tomorrow Stories #4

Another one of my favorite archetypal comic characters is Fighting American. It's one of my favorite pieces of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's work, and one aspect I like is that it clearly started out as a serious patriotic strip with its first issue. Then, I presume because it was published during the McCarthy era, Simon and Kirby were at least smart enough to realize you couldn't really take this kind of stuff seriously, so they changed their character from a Red-baiting, serious, patriotic hero to this incredible satire upon the whole idea, with these ludicrous Communist villains like Hotsky Trotsky and Poison Ivan. I was thinking, "Yeah, that's really good. The idea of a patriotic super-hero who is a satire on issues that were contemporary at that time." -- Alan Moore

Trigger warning: rape

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Smax #2 - "2: ...And Isn't It Bad, So Quiet There, in the Wood?"

It turns out he comes from a Lord of the Rings, hobbit-infested fantasy world that is a composite of every drippy fantasy story you've ever read. It's got elves, unicorns, questing heroes. It does for the fantasy genre what Neopolis does for the super-hero genre. -- Alan Moore

Trigger Warning: Rape

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Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #8-10

So Terrific Tales gives me a vehicle where I can try these odd little ideas for things that perhaps aren't even technically stories, but where I can just play with things. "Yeah, let's do a cartoon! Let's do some bubble gum cards! Let's do a children's story!” -- Alan Moore

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

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