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[mod post] Hola!

Hey guys. Well, it's been a bit rough, and it's going to be rough for a while yet, but I am so glad that there are so many people here and posting already. I apologize for the delay in pulling together official moderation announcements - the community was already suspended when I woke up, so you can imagine we've been running around a lot behind the scenes trying to pull everything together.

Without further ado:

1) The new rules which we were planning to announce on livejournal, erm, this coming week or thereabouts are now in the community userinfo. There is also an additional FAQ on posting guidelines. No matter how long you've been a member of scans_daily, in whatever capacity, please read both pages carefully, because we're not taking ignorance of the new rules as an excuse from this point forwards.

Because there have been some fairly major changes to the rules along with the obvious server transition, there's a definite possibility of more tweaks in the near future, particularly ones that will protect us from further TOS-ing. We promise to keep you informed.

1a) In particular, please note that we've changed the page limits from half an issue to one third of an issue - that's down from 11 to 7 pages of an average issue, 5 pages for recent comics. (Yeah, yeah, still arbitrary, but possibly more amenable to TPTB.) Check the new rules for more detail. If you've posted here at Insanejournal, we would appreciate it if you'd bring your post in line with the new regs.

2) Just to make sure everyone's clear on this, the mods of this insanejournal comm are myself and [insanejournal.com profile] schmevil. stubbleupdate has decided to concentrate on noscans_daily, the LJ discussion comm, where you will be seeing me and I believe schmevil as well. So don't bother Stubble about things that happen here ;).

3) Kathleen David has informed me that she and Peter David have been getting a lot of nasty e-mails from s_d members about all this drama. (The account through which PAD originally posted on lj is actually hers.) Look, I know losing the livejournal community was hard - listen, my five year community anniversary just passed, so you certainly don't need to tell me how much this community means to people. Which in turn warms the cockles of my cynical heart, by the way. Even so, there's a lot of blame to be apportioned around to many different people (I don't exclude myself, frankly), and I personally doubt that PAD intended to nuke the entire comm when he made his complaints. There's a lot of scrutiny on us right now and I would appreciate it if you all would remember that what s_d members say at the moment reflects on all of us. Also, making asses of ourselves is totally against the community ethos, etc.

4) Insanejournal comms have a 1000 member cap, so this will not be our permanent home in all likelihood, but we'll try and make it a damn nice hotel. Sounds good? Sounds good.

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Irritatingly the "new post notification" fucntion that's the only alternative doesn't even include the contents of the post it's notifying you about. Which means post subject lines are going to need to be quite clear about wehat's in the post.