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For me it's a matter of him needing to grow into his personality. He's so preternaturally adult it triggers an Uncanny Valley reaction in me. The times I've liked him best are the little moments when that's cracked a bit and we've seen him being kidlike - reaching out to pre-Scarlet Sasha, for instance.

I do like him a little better now that he has the status and sanction of the Robin mantle. Before he was all cheek and presumption; now he's applying all that to just doing the job.
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One cannot say he's not focused.
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The passing mention on Alfred's part that he insists on sleeping with an array of weapons near to hand gave me more insight into Damian's pre-Bat life than any of his previous appearances had. Yeah, that's some kind of focusing agent there, if you're like 6 and have to worry about people killing you in your sleep!