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Greetings True Believers!

I have a response to Avengers: Children's Crusade #6 which came out today.

You'll want to check out Colonel Green's post if you haven't been following the series.


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One page from Batgirl #20 here. Much to love about this ish: confident Steph, supportive Babs, Dinah cameo, a look at Firewall's workings, a super sekrit villain stopping plan that works, nice art. But none of that (except the nice art) is what I bring you here.

GCPD Det. Nick Gage, Designated Love Interest, has been an enigma wrapped in a side of beefcake since his introduction in issue 1. Here we get another piece of the puzzle.

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What think you, s_d? Hot or Not?
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Hate having to pick just four pages from the new issue, because Steph interacting with her supporting cast provides so many great moments, including Steph explaining the concepts of Chaos and Order using, of course, waffles.

But, given the earlier discussion of the latest Birds of Prey issue, I figured I'd go with a little of the fallout, and what Bruce has done with Steph's HQ, Firewall.

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Two-Face: The Long Way Down, was supposed to run in the form of nine-page co-features, one part per issue, just like the Manhunter. Six parts over six issues of Batman: Streets of Gotham, right alongside Paul Dini's House of Hush storyline.

Instead, the first story in SoG #14 was eighteen pages (twice as long as the main Hush story!), twice the length, and clearly the first two parts smooshed together. Then, the next issue, SoG #15, was ENTIRELY devoted to the Two-Face story! At twenty-seven pages, that's the next three parts, back to back! Finally, in last Wednesday's SoG #16, the conclusion ran the regular nine pages.

Six parts, awkwardly shoved into three issues, and throwing off the flow of the title's main feature to boot. This wouldn't be such a problem, except that it was that last factor which pissed off comic readers.

When I went looking for reviews of SoG #15--the all-Two-Face issue--I found tons of angry comic fans declaring that they were dropping SoG. They were furious that there was no Hush story. Few had anything to say about the Two-Face story itself. They didn't even care.

Why? Do fans really like Hush that much? More than Two-Face?! Look, it would be one thing if they were dropping it over displeasure at the story itself (and they might have had cause, as we'll see below), but the story's quality was immaterial. All they cared about was Dini's Hush story. They had zero interest in a Two-Face-centric story, period.

This is strange, sad, and frustrating to me as a great fan of the character and Batman in general, all the more so because of the story itself. So let's do what so many fans didn't and give this story a look, as Harvey finds himself on the run from the bat, the cops, the feds, and the mob, doing whatever it takes of survive. Even if it means wearing a stupid hoodie.


Seriously. What the hell happened? Clearly something happened, or the story wouldn't have been juggled around and smooshed together, ending in what feels--to be--to be an abrupt and rushed fashion. Either way, no one in the comics blogosphere seems to be raising any questions or complaints. No one really cares.

One way or another, I fear this means that the first Two-Face solo feature may also be the last.
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Time for the second storyline I wished to post from the superb CITY OF CRIME by David Lapham and Ramon Bachs. This time the story turns it's gaze to a section of Gotham rarely spoken of and tells us of high hopes and great dreams. Seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 807, seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 808, seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 811 and seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 812.

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As I was thinking about the current theme of the week, I recalled two scenes which I have been hoping to post for a while now, both from David Lapham 's superb City of Crime. However, as I looked at both of them, I realized that the context is kind of required and thus going against the theme of the week, but decided to post them anyway with the context leading to those moments of beauty, beginning with Mr Freeze 's wedding plans. This contains two pages from Detective Comics 803, seven pages from Detective Comics 804 and six pages from Detective Comis 805.

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Couple of days ago I did a post about a scene which highlighted Batman as the ultimate badass of DCU. Now as I was doing the post, I remembered another scene in one of my all-time favorite Batman stories, City of Crime, and after someone recalled the exact same scene in the comments, I kind of knew I had to post it here in addition to another scene from the beginning of the storyline. Especially since I have been itching to post a few scenes of that storyline here anyway. The thing however is that Batman is not so much badass in these, but rather utterly terrifying. So let's get to the post.

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Suggested tags: char: Bruce Wayne/Batman, char: Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin, creator: David Lapham, creator: Ramon Bachs


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