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Newsarama: So this secret that she’s hiding — I mean, from their interaction in the last couple issues, they appear to still be in love. But just to clarify, the secret is not some type of precursor to the end of their marriage, or something she’s doing behind Clark’s back to hurt him or anything.

Bendis: Oh, not at all. She couldn’t be more clear unless she almost says to the camera “we’re not breaking up; I’m madly in love with you.” They have a very complicated situation here.

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Bendis: More importantly, I'm most excited for people to see, out of all the books that are shipping, is Action Comics #1004. It's the Lois and Clark issue, it's the issue where we find out what Lois has been up to since "Man of Steel". Why she leaves? What's going on with the relationship? A lot of people are terrified of what that reveal will be, usually you assume the worst would happen even though I write nothing but romance comics, most of the time. Still people worry. But you're gonna see what Lois and Clark mean to each other now and what their relationship means. My first step in proving to the world, that Lois Lane is the best character in all of comics. The issue is by Ryan Sook, who is one of my favorite artists, it's very emotional and I'm really excited for people to see it. - Source

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I loved Superman as a kid not because of his edginess or his potential for a fatal solution, but because he could do anything he wanted and still chose to be nice.
-- Mark Millar. Yes, really.

This is one of those single issues that I love to reread.

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I was going to make this part of Off-Topic Tueesdat, but even as I typed it I realised that this deserves a post to itself.

It's a sad day as we mourn the passing of Margot Kidder, who first made the role of Lois Lane her own in 1978's Superman with Christopher Reeve, making Lois a shrewd, determined reporter,a truly awful speller, and a superbly human being, and whose impact on the comics version of Lois should never be underestimated.

She should also be remembered for her activism work, especially speaking so openly and without vanity about her own issues with mental health over the years.

As author and critic Kim Newman perfectly summed it up, "A thing I love about Margot Kidder's Lois Lane is that (she) gives the impression being Superman's girlfriend is in the Top Ten Things in Her Life but not the Top Five."

I know I speak for the Mod Team and the entire scans_daily community in sending our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends at this time.

RIP Ms Kidder, and thank you.


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