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"He’s a young man who could have a successful and peaceful life if he could just put away his desire for revenge. In this case he’s really focused on Klaw and the men that took him from Wakanda, and also punishing Wakanda itself for its failures. We begin the story with him making that choice to step away from one potential future and step into another that speaks to more of his darker nature. For me, that’s what a tragedy is, really. Something isn’t tragic unless you can see a way that it could have worked out better." -- Bryan Hill

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CAPTAIN AMERICA #401 was my first post to this board way back when. It shows Steve Rogers' friendships with two men: Clint Barton and Tony Stark.

Steve is in a sulk after Operation: Galactic Storm.

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"In a lot of ways, people like Erik are people that if they could have just met one kind person that could have understood them, then the story would be different. But we don’t all have Uncle Ben. We all don’t have those influences. Sometimes characters with potential and power and brilliance and rage, they don’t have someone to put a hand on their shoulder and tell them, 'With great power comes great responsibility.' They don’t have a hand on their shoulder at all. I think Erik is one of those characters in the Marvel universe that probably fell through the cracks, unfortunately." -- Bryan Hill

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This time next year Star Wars Episode IX: Reclamation of the Calrissian will be released (I see no reason why that shouldn't be the title). So I thought I'd post some scans of the Return of The Jedi comic (for over 30 years it was the third best Star Wars film).

4.6 out of 14 pages
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