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Yay, 607 is out, so I can post another couple of pages from #606, since it features one of my favourites, so thank you bi-monthly publication schedule!

Shave and a haircut... Two bits! )
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Since we last saw Doug Ramsey before this miniseries started, he had, in no particular order
  • Started some sort of information brokerage service (Which actually seemed like a cool idea)
  • Become a completely isolated internet junkie during a bizarre project to try and "translate the internet... all of it" which led to him forgetting to bathe, sleep or eat.
  • Had changed from "good looking twink", to "dishevelled, forty year old looking hobo with a terribkly unfortunate line in facial hair"
  • Been hired by Misty Knight to assist Daredevil in locating Wolverine
  • Had his throat slit by someone who looked a lot like Wolverine.
This is not his best day... but given he's died twice already, maybe not his worst one either... I guess )
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"My goal with 'Land of the Blind' is to really look at the cost of being a superhero - especially for someone like Blindspot." - Charles Soule

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