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Season's Greetings, fellow s_ders! Today's theme is "Favourite family moment," and as our mods are allowing us to interpret "family" as we wish, I found myself thinking of the "true companions" sort of family, such as, let's say, a close-knit band of adventurers. Like the Peacemakers at the core of Guilded Age, co-authored by our community's own [personal profile] tcampbell1000. The following scene has one adventurer reach out to his token jerkass teammate and try to mend fences, in the spirit of Axemas (the medieval-ish fantasy realm Arkerra's equivalent of -- what else -- Xmas).

'Why are you wasting your time on me?' )
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Gone with the Blastwave is a black comedy focusing on two soldiers fighting a meaningless and all-consuming war in the desiccated remains of an irradiated, bombed-out wasteland of a city. Seeing how Veterans Day commemorates the lives lost in a similarly needless, seemingly never-ending tragedy, I thought this would be fitting.

I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here? )
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The Meek is a fantasy-drama adventure weaving together multiple characters and narratives dealing with themes of loss, grief, corruption, betrayal and judgement. Since the site was launched in 2009, the series has received critical acclaim from numerous outlets (The A.V. Club listed The Meek as one of their picks for the best comic of 2016).

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth. )
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Hark! A Vagrant, by Kate Beaton of Nova Scotia, Canada, ran from 2006 to around 2016. (Beaton officially declared the comic over last month, due to ongoing book writing-and-drawing commitments, but the archives will remain online.) Beginning as a casual LiveJournal hobby, the sleeper-hit webcomic went on to satirize and teach history (in which Beaton has a graduate degree), and also to cover English literature, Canadian society, personal childhood memories, and self-described "nonsense comics."

'A corpse, eh? Bloody lack of discipline' )
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Harbourmaster follows Bretnon Falstoph Perius Tallifens Monteblanc LVII ("Tal" for everyday use), who took an administrative job on a distant colony world mostly to get his younger sister away from the toxic culture of their home planet. His employers had completely different and highly secret motives for hiring him.

Four pages from chapter 21, where Tal agonises over a holiday speech he has to make.

And nobody else helps at all. )

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A vampire asks a human if she has the dress she is holding in blood red.

Eerie Cuties was a slice-of-life webcomic focusing on vampire sisters Layla and Nina Delacroix as they attended a secret school for monsters like themselves, making new friends along the way while dealing with whatever new wacky scenario life throws at them (think Archie meets Monster High). That might not necessarily be the best webcomic out there, but that's one that holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the works of Gisèle Lagacé and being a light in a dark point of my life. With permission from Ms. Lagacé, 7 pages below the cut. Mild warning for partial nudity.

Putting the 'EEK!' in Webcomic Week. )
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Stand Still, Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg is a Nordic post-apocalyptic webcomic. Ninety years after a mysterious disease destroyed the world as we know it, a small exploration party is sent out to gather valuable loot useful information from the ruins of the old civilization.

Warning for scenery porn.

Yes, porn! )
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A House Divided

One day, with no prior warning, Henrietta Achilles is whisked out of her orphanage to the town of Malrenard, where her uncle used to live. At least that's what the town officials claim.

Henrietta is sceptic, though. )
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Missing Monday by Elle Skinner

Meet Foyle Leaf, age 15. Her background's agricultural (as hinted by her surname), so it was a surprise when her knack turned out to be mechanical and she had to move to the town of Gear for her apprenticeship. She wasn't considered old enough to live on her own, so her cousin Rook came along to babysit (about which more later).

Lots of pages. )
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I actually posted these pages, from Dan Shive's El Goonish Shive, a couple years ago, but it's been long enough I think they're worth reposting. This sequence is one of the first I read, and remains my favourite for reasons.

In the middle of a card tournament, our hero gets distracted. )
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"Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb."


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Sluggy Freelance is a webcomic that started in 1997 and is still going. I haven't read it in over a decade as the mythology grew increasingly convoluted and almost impossible to follow (ask someone to explain what's up with Oasis) but at the time it was a pretty fun and addictive comic.

I decided to share the start of what was one of my favorite storylines, a fairly self-contained horror parody that they did all the way back in 2000. You don't really need to know anything about the prior comics to enjoy it.

Warning for gore (albeit cartoonish gore).

Comics under the cut... )
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Hello everyone! Long time lurker, short time commenter, first time poster here, and boy do I have a good one for you!

For the past couple of years, Sarah Jolley has been publishing a series of comics based on the universe surrounding Donald Duck. These have ranged from slice of life stories about Donald entering a talent show to the epic unrequited romance of Gladstone Gander and Magica De Spell to "Armageddon, but with Ducks."

But for this one, I've decided to post a couple of pages from one of my favorites: Wild Goose Chase
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Theme Week - Webcomic Week

Member [personal profile] tcampbell1000   came up with this suggestion and the Mod Team think it's a good one, so. starting this Monday, away we go!

Webcomics are amongst the most flexible and topical forms of storytelling we currently have, in many cases reflecting aspects of society which might not currently support a full length published media in their own right, As such, they have helped to normalise and expand LGBTQA representation and showcase cultures beyond those we might normally see..

That being said, it's pleasing to note that some popular webcomics are being published physically. (Well, pleasing to me at least, but I'm a hardcopy soul all the way.)

Due to matters that arose some years ago, there are certain rules about posting from webcomics that must be observed.

No more than 4 pages IN TOTAL are permitted from any serialised webcomic story, regardless of the length of the story, and in addition to the usual 1/3 rule.

Please note we say story, rather than series. When a clearly-defined new story starts, the 4-page rule re-applies.

With REALLY long form narrative with no clear story breaks, then it's best to contact the copyright holder (usually possible through the website) to ask if you can post the whole thing/more.

A link to the originating website (a homepage, tumblr, DA account etc) remains an absolute requirement in such posts.

Traditional format newspaper comic strips (like say, Foxtrot or Peanuts) which available on the Web are exempt from this rule, since they normally contain done-in-one, or very small scale story arcs. We are talking specifically about long form stories here.

We hope that four pages would be enough to allow community members to decide if they want to see more and, as the web publishers are dependent upon their own on-site advertising etc, we recognise that there is nothing to be gained by us posting more here, when the whole thing is so readily available.

I have a few I've been meaning to share for a little while, So this will hopefully spur me on!

Oh, and please tag all posts of this sort with; theme: web-comics
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I've seen some of these float by a few times on Tumblr and Twitter, but somehow I had missed that artist Hannah Blumenreich had created an entire zine of her short Spider-Man fan comics back in 2016. I really like this take on Spidey - it feels like the first fifteen minutes or so of Homecoming before the ATM robbery scene, when Peter is really stepping into that "Friendly Neighborhood" role.

Peter-Parker sitting on the back of a couch, holding a skein of yarn while being scolded by Aunt May

Do you prefer to draw Peter Parker as a teen? You really capture the kid-like aspects of his character, especially in the sense that a lot of comics basically make him look like an adult, even when he’s meant to be in high school.

I do prefer him as a teen! I understand him as a teen, I guess. Teenage Peter Parker is a bit small and ineffective, he’s a social loser, he’s got this tragic past, but also this nerdy, upbeat, goofball demeanor, and you throw some high school drama into the mix and bam, there’s Spider-Man. Oh and I guess he’s got superpowers, too, or whatever. A minor footnote.

The Daily Dot, June 22 2016

A couple short stories behind the cut... )

These two and more are collected in a 19-page zine on her website. There's also an additional short story as well as some un-collected art on her Tumblr.


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Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

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