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I've noticed editorial art-notes sometimes provide the greatest titles for Post Modern Mass-Market Contemporary Fiction Novels. Today's exquisite exemplar: EVIL LASERS SHOULD BE GREEN. -- Si Spurrier

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"When I was eight, watching STAR WARS for the first time, Tarkin didn't make much of an impression on me. I was too locked into Darth Vader, natch. But Tarkin... Tarkin... TARKIN blows up Alderaan, not Vader. He's the biggest villain in the original movie. What makes HIM tick?" -- Greg Pak

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She’s the rogue element. She’s the thing that allows us as comic creators, especially in a shared universe, to tell very different, very unique stories that you just couldn’t necessarily get away with with any of the more mainstream characters and groups. -- Si Spurrier

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I always knew this would be "our heroes are separated from the rebellion and on the run" part of the story, but after six issue of hell in HOPE DIES it felt like we'd be hitting the same depressing notes again and again. Then, visiting a mansion in Scotland, and looking at the sprawl of countryside I found myself thinking that what would challenge our heroes wouldn't be more in the dirt grind. It'd be a chance to be happy. -- Kieron Gillen

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