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I'm perhaps a little surprised that this title hasn't had more coverage here, I'm not saying a female team should HAVE to be featured but I thought it might have been, especially as it's quite enjoyable (Well, IMHO)

A new balance is achieved )
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I figured it was time to make my first post and what better topic to post on than the latest comic to catch my attention: MacGyver

Mac is, and always shall be... )
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Among the many characters that were part of the TV show that I miss so terribly, none still pull on my heart like a certain lady of grace and power.

Boom-Studios has released their solicits for August 2011, and this one just gives me goose pimples at the possibilities (though it dares cross that fine line which can lead to retcon hell).

I just mention one name and most of the faithful will have their heart skip a beat and have a rush of goosepimples.

Soft? Yes. Weak? No. )
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Issue number #23 came out this week. Not the most exciting, as chess pieces on the board kept moving, and lines in the sand were drawn as the Resistance made of surviving battle fleets began marshalling their strength to fight the invading Kkore.

Most of the stuff is pretty predictable, and I would not spend $$ on this issue, but rather on the upcoming issues, except that the Sebeacans have actually begun to take pages from John Crichton's play book.

When you run out of ammunition. )
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

An oldie but a goodie as normally mortal adversaries unite against a common enemy.
Per last issue, a first strike has been made and an escape is under way.

The rest is just character interaction, and a candidate for "one perfect moment".

Able to leap tall buildings...  )


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