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In yesterday's post, we met Sakura, and we saw her getting in trouble by kidnapping an enslaved serving girl in order to set her free.

Part II is the conclusion to her first adventure.

With your trademark Sakai Twist™ )

Sakura is slated to return, according to Stan Sakai, but I've seen no indication of her comeback so far.

Edit: this story is available on Book 25: Fox Hunt and the Usagi Yojimbo Saga vol. 6.

Comments, opinions, requests, all in the little boxes below :)
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Sakura is another one of those characters so deftly created by Sakai in his "Usagi Yojimbo" series. She wields a whip and travels the land looking for her brother. To that end, she works in several gambling parlours as a dice-handler, reasoning that gamblers are usually the best source of information in their respective cities. To make it even more interesting, Sakai lets on that this whip-wielding gambler is not too right in the head.

This two-parter is her origin story, and her only appearance so far.

Whip it! )

Part II next.
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Whenever you see artists re-imagining Usagi Yojimbo, one of their favourite choices to include in their drawings are the tokagé lizards. In a world in which pretty much everyone is an anthropomorphic animal, those lizards fill up most of the possible niches (pets, food, predators).

Usagi did have, for a brief time, a tokagé pet, Spot. This is the story of how they met.

Meep! )

Zato-Ino, the blind swordspig (I should really profile him someday), eventually became Spot's owner not too long after this story.
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In the final part of "The Thief and the Kunoichi", Kitsuné tries to pull off her risky plan, while convincing Chizu and Usagi that she is on their side. Will they be an unwilling help or a hindrance to her?

(Parts one and two here).

She's very emotional, Kiyoko )

Comments/thoughts/requests below, as usual :)
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Part 2 of "The Thief and the Kunoichi", in which Kitsuné tries to make as many enemies as possible in the smallest amount of time.

Count your seconds, woman, because you will not have many more )

The conclusion tomorrow.
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"I've been a fanatic for a long time for old crime movies and old crime novels. But it started with the movies. And the old Cagney movies. Bogart and all that. I loved just how the morals of the stories are. They're all about right and wrong. But in Sin City in particular I wanted them all to happen to in a world where virtuous behavior was rare, which greatly resembled the world I lived in. It's kinda like the old Rolling Stones song, where every cop's a criminal, and all the sinners are saints, where the lowlifes would often be heroic, and the most stridently beautiful and sweet women would be prostitutes. I wanted it to be a world out of balance, where virtue is defined by individuals in difficult situations, not by an overwhelming sense of goodness that was somehow governed by this godlike Comics Code."

- Frank Miller

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Most characters in "Usagi Yojimbo" have a hard time dealing with Kitsuné the fox thief and her thieving antics because she is at the same time selfish and endearing. In my last post, I showed how much exasperation Tomoe Ame with her strong moral code went through. This three-parter, "The Thief and the Kunoichi", pits Kitsuné against an oh-so-serious ninja, and the result is equally funny, if not outright hilarious.

I'm going to kill you, woman! )

Part 2 tomorrow.
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Stan Sakai does a great job at creating unique characters, with motivations, aspirations and fears we all can relate to. Whether primarily comical, serious, greedy, honest, cowardly, they all possess a depth that makes them go beyond those stereotypes. So we care for them, root for them, and when personalities rebound each other, we have a lot of fun with it.

Case in point: serious, dutiful, proud Tomoe Ame x light-hearted, selfish and clever Kitsuné in "The Thief and the Lotus Scroll". With Usagi caught in the middle.

Read more... )

Another great Kitsuné interaction is with Chizu the ninja. I'll try to post it later.
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It’s the grandest of finales as Groo: Friends and Foes wraps up with its twelfth and final issue. By now, everyone should have figured out how and where Kayli, the little girl Groo has been helping to find her father, finds her father. That is, if they’re smarter than Groo, and we hope for their sakes they are. This issue, like all of ’em, comes from the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier."

Tearjerker below )

Aw, I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Kayli does show up in recent stories, but more as a sidekick to the Minstrel.
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Dark Horse: "Groo’s yearlong journey is headed toward its barbaric conclusion! This issue spotlights the Minstrel, the bard who has told tales of Groo far and wide for years now . . . but even he doesn’t know how things will end as Groo ramps up the search for the long-lost father of little Kayli."

In which Evanier has a hard time thinking up rhymes )

Oh noes.

The conclusion to this series is in the next post!


Oct. 1st, 2017 09:34 pm
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Starting off my October contributions is Alena, a teen horror story originally from Sweden.
Warning for suicide. Also a bit of gore and and some brief nudity.

Scans under the cut... )
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Dark Horse: "As Groo wanders through twelve issues, he encounters his old friend/foe, the mercenary commander Taranto, who’s plotting to claim the vast riches that shall come to the father of the lost girl, Kayli. The intrigue unfolds in this story by the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, with lettering by Stan Sakai and coloring by Tom Luth!

* This time, Taranto’s intentions really ARE pure . . . or are they?

* Yes! Seriously, they are.

* (No, they aren’t.)"

Read more... )

I actually like Taranto. I think that he's a versatile character, being a stand-in for any robber and looter, and his confusing of Groo is always fun to see.

Next issue: the Minstrel!

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Dark Horse: "The world’s stupidest warrior encounters two old friends who are most definitely foes: Pal ’n’ Drumm—the greatest of con artists and his sidekick, the world’s second-stupidest warrior."

This is probably the most straightforward issue of the series, so not many comments from yours truly:

Scans under the cut )

Next: Taranto and his band of thieves!
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Dark Horse: "WHAT A SCOOP!

Let’s go to press! The most intrepid reporter in Groo’s world, Weaver, is back, accompanied as usual by his assistant, Scribe. This time, they try reporting the truth about Groo, but of course no one believes them."

The series' main arc - namely, the little girl looking for her father (or is it the little boy looking for his mother?) - is beginning to take center stage from this adventure on.

When did the press ever report fake news? )

Weaver is an avatar of Mark Evanier, who shares writing duties in Groo with Sérgio Aragonés. Scribe is letterer Stan Sakai, also the author of my favourite comic series, Usagi Yojimbo. Ergo, he is also my favourite character in Groo's universe, if not for the sheer number of references to Usagi (he wears the bunny ronin's crest and the kimono has pretty much the same pattern).

Next: Pal 'n Drumm (say it out loud...).
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Dark Horse: "For the swordswoman Chakaal there are only two rules for survival: first, be more able with your sword, and second, avoid Groo!"

Groo is always smitten with Chakaal, who, of course, wants nothing to do with him. But he fails to understand even that.

Opposites attract? )

Oh and by the way, she teaches Kayli, the wandering girl in search of her father (or is it a lost boy wandering in search of his mother?) some self-defence tricks.

Next: Mark Evanier and Stan Sakai... I mean, Weaver and Scribe.
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Dark Horse: "You’d think the smartest man in the world would be wise enough to not have Groo as a friend! The Sage has developed another scheme to amass wealth without working hard . . . but how clever can a scheme be that relies in any way on our hero?"

The Sage was my favourite Groo character until I started reading Usagi Yojimbo, when the Scribe took his place, for obvious reasons.

8/24 pages below )

Next issue: Groo's love, Chakaal.
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Dark Horse: "Groo once again encounters his sister, Grooella, who got all the brains in that family . . . not that there were a lot to go around. She’s at war with the Kingdom of Comino, and just when things are going poorly, her brother shows up (as he so often does) to make them worse!"

8/24 pages below )

Issue #6 brings one of the characters with the most appearances in Groo's stories: The Sage.
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Dark Horse: "The Year of Groo marches on, as Groo marches right into Arcadio the Hero. Arcadio’s in the protection business, teaching villagers how to protect themselves from dragons . . . but he should be teaching them to protect themselves from Groo! Feather-brained barbarian thrills from the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, with Stan Sakai and Tom Luth."

Do you know what happens when you take a baby dragon from his mother? )

Arcadio is my least favourite recurring character in Groo. He is a take on the legends and lore of medieval heroes, but I think that Groo makes him redundant somehow.

Next up: Groo's sister, Queen Grooella!


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