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DC released for NYCC which eras the "Three Jokers" will correspond with.

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“The coolest thing about this story is, no one knows anything about it,” Johns told a rapt NYCC audience. “It’s a pretty mature take. I’ve never gotten to write a Batman and Joker story, and Jay’s never gotten to draw one. We wanted to tell the best Batman story, the best Joker story possible.”

“Jason [Todd], Barbara [Gordon] and Batman are gonna be the main characters,” he added.

“This whole book is a lotta work,” Fabok said. “But I’m so excited to get up and work, and every time I hand in a page, I’m really proud of it. I feel there’s a magic to this story. I had chills, I really feel like Geoff has come up with the ultimate Batman/Joker story.”

Still have no idea how this is going to work out without being convoluted or contrived but we'll see...


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