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Posting a bit from three chapters of the first volume of Kaguya-Sama, Love is War a series I just got into cause of the currently airing anime adaptation. This is a romantic comedy, but if you think that's not the most serious business in the world, I have one thing to say to you...

Today we will show the profile of the school, and a preamble on our combatants before moving onto our battlefields, a movie theatre and the insidious mind game, twenty-questions.

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Last time Sumire and Kanna gained a greater appreciation of each other, and Sumire also helped a ghost to rest. However the side effect of helping the ghost move on was that the enemy the Kuronosu Council was able to achieve their objective, and infect the site with dark energy. Now their mechs have been sent down from the airship but their back-up landed way off the mark and will take some time to get to them. Oogami, Sumire and Kanna try to get to their mechs...

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While investigating a run down mansion rumoured to be haunted, and targeted by their mysterious enemy, Oogami feigns an illness to force Sumire and Kanna to work together.

1/3 each of Chapter 22 and 23

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Hi guys, it's been a long time. I've been without a computer for a while, so I've been lurking on my phone, but posting has been out of the question. Well I've got a new comp now, and I'd like to catch up on this Solstice Event I missed. So my next three posts will be a story about one of my favourite familys, friends, and a ghost story all in one. We'll call part one the "friend," part.

This is from Sakura Taisen: The Manga Version. A very expanded adaptation of the Sakura Taisen video games. Here's the gist, in an alternate version of 1920s Tokyo the Teikoku Kagekidan Hana-gumi are a group made up almost entirely of women, who have high levels of "spirit power," that allow them to perform superhuman feats and and effectively combat demons using steam powered, spirit driven mechs. To train those powers, and hone their team work they pose as an all female musical revue, inspired by an actual Japanese theatre style pioneered by the Takarazuka Kagekidan.

Two members of that team have an interesting "love-hate," or maybe "double tsundere," relationship, they are Sumire Kanzaki, and Kanna Kirishima. They are my number one favourite pairing in this series.

We join them now as they are putting on a production based on the Chinese Novel, "Journey to the West." 28/84 pages from this chapter

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In Dragon Ball, I find that almost every main or supporting character starts off as either (a)a rival to Goku, (b)trying to kill Goku, or (c)an antagonist in general. Androids 17 and 18 (technically cyborgs, but that’s neither here nor there) were no exception, being introduced as potential villains (who, in an alternate timeline, would go on to lay waste to the Planet) before being abruptly assimilated and killed off by the real big bad of the arc, Cell. Eventually, he spat Android 18 out and was killed by Gohan, and everyone killed by Cell and the Androids were brought back to life by the titular Dragon Balls. #18 would later fall in love with and marry Kuririn (Krillin in the anime); #17, on the other hand, never really showed up again beyond a cameo or two (he had his own arc in the sequel show, Dragon Ball GT, but he spent most of the time brainwashed and fuelling the body of his evil clone).

...until now. After all these years out of the spotlight, Android 17 makes his return within the pages of Dragon Ball Super!
Full pages from Chapter 31 are posted below, as the full series (barring Chapters 2-15) are available for free on viz.com. Remember to read from right to left. If you enjoy what you see here, please support the official release.

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Figured some of you would be happy to hear that the official Junji Ito anime series is currently free on Crunchyroll. I don't know how long the series will be available on the service but all you need to do is register and you can stream it on any compatible device. Three episodes are already out.
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Hi folks!

I stopped doing posts of every new series from Shonen Jump because quite honestly many of the starters have been meh at best. But there have been a few nice surprises, and this is one of them.

Dr. Stone by Riichiro Inagaki & Boichi!

In the near future (Trump is still president of the U.S.), global humanity (and some birds) is petrified, turning into statues. A few millennia later, a couple of these people manage to free themselves from this stone state, and vow to restore humanity and civilization.

The art is nice, but what really makes the series stand out is Senku, the protagonist. He's a Science Hero who uses his encyclopedic knowledge of science facts and inventive mind to overcome obstacles.

Early on, he's a co-star of a more traditional shounen hero, the strong and faithful but not very bright Taiju. The series really took off after Senku was forced to part ways with his friend to avoid the deadly fanatic Tsukasa, a martial artist who wants the world to stay primitive.

Senku makes contact with the inhabitants of a primitive village, who are living at a Stone Age subsistence level. It appears that the village's shamaness, Ruri, has knowledge that Senku will need, but as an outsider, he can't enter, and she's suffering from a condition that makes her weak and unable to leave the village. Ever since, Senku has been trying to claw his way up the tech tree so he can make sulfa antibiotics to (he hopes) cure her illness.

We now join our hero in Chapter 25, published back in September, 7 pages of 22....

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